Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of All Time

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With Halloween around the corner, have you figured out what you’re going to wear? The spookiest time of the year paves way for a lot of costume parties and events. But wearing fake fangs or painting blood drips on the face is too mainstream. If you want inspiration for Halloween costumes, you can totally rely on some of your favorite celebrities (just the way you follow them for the latest fashion updates). While some celebrities wear cat costumes or the boring/ offensive ones, we’re thankful to those who take Halloween pretty seriously. These are the people who put a lot of thought and effort into their Halloween costumes and look super cool in them (of course).

So, as a gift from us to you, we bring you some of our favorite celebrity Halloween costumes that are definitely going to blow your mind. Now let’s dive into the spooky treat!

1. Monica Brown- Mad Hatter From Alice In Wonderland

Image: Instagram @nuramagazine

Monica Brown, the star of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle who is also an extremely talented singer stole the show during 2018 Halloween. She paid homage to Johnny Depp by dressing up like Mad Hatter, the character he plays in the movie Alice In Wonderland. Like you can see, the details of her costume and makeup are top-notch and nobody would have ever recognized that it’s her.

2. Diddy- Pennywise From It

Image: Instagram @nuramagazine

Rapper/singer Sean John Combs aka Diddy gave us #costumegoals with his extremely terrifying Pennywise look. Pennywise, a character from Stephen King’s classic novel “It” is a very popular name today. And after watching the movies, we’re sure that you can’t make out the difference between the real Pennywise and Diddy in his brilliant costume.

3. Heidi Klum- Fiona From Shrek

Image: Instagram @nuramagazine

Heidi Klum is popularly known as the “Queen of Halloween” and we’re not surprised at all. She dresses up so well every year that she rightfully owns the title. The German model and television personality dawned the look of Fiona from Shrek for last year’s Halloween. She has dressed up as Cleopatra, the Forbidden fruit, the human body, a crow, an old lady, Jessica Rabbit, and even as a butterfly for her past Halloween appearances. So, let’s just conclude that she is indeed the Queen of Halloween and there are no ifs or buts to that.

4. Heidi Klum- MJ From Thriller

Image: Instagram @trueexclusives

We know we’re talking Heidi again, but we couldn’t resist. Heidi brought back to life Michael Jackson’s scary avatar from his 1982 music video Thriller. If you want to walk out on the street and get a few screams, this look will definitely work well.

5. Usher- The Night King From Game Of Thrones

Image: Twitter

If you’re an Usher fan and you also love Game of Thrones, you’ll be thrilled with this one. Guess what? The American singer dressed up as the Night King from GoT for Halloween in 2017. He posted two amazing pictures of him posing as the evil and cold Night King on his Twitter account, wishing his followers a happy Halloween.

6. Cardi B- Bruella De Vil From 101 Dalmatians

Image: Instagram @trueexclusives

Last year, the stunning Cardi B donned the look of Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians, one of the evilest Disney villains ever. Also, she got an adorable Dalmatian dog along with her, to the Halloween event that she attended that night.

7. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner- Gomez And Morticia From The Addams Family

Image: sophiet / Instagram

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, the newlywed celebrity couple in town looked too good to be true as Gomez Addams and Morticia Addams from The Addams Family. Dressed in black classy outfits, we’re confused if they look scary or hot.

8. Joey King- Voldemort From Harry Potter

Image: Instagram @popcinelady

The Emmy nominated actress Joey King set an incredibly spooky example for how Harry Potter fans should dress up for Halloween. Instead of going with a simple look by rapping a house scarf around your neck and wearing long robes you can try this amazing Voldemort outfit!

9. Joe Jonas- Sansa Stark From Game Of Thrones

Image: Instagram @popcinelady

Joe Jonas makes it to our list again with his Sansa Stark costume. Sansa Stark, the young and charming lady from Game of Thrones is originally played by his wife Sophie Turner. However, Joe doesn’t look charming in the exact same way though *giggles.*

10. Rebel Wilson- Wilson, The Volleyball From Castaway

Image: Instagram @shokrala

Who doesn’t love the adorable Rebel Wilson here? She dressed up as the iconic volleyball from the movie Castaway to The Ellen DeGeneres Show! Yes, you heard it right — she dressed up as volleyball! Now, if you’ve seen the epic movie to which this ball belongs to, you’d want to dress up like it too.

11. Ellen- Sia

Image: Instagram @sia_australia

Ellen DeGeneres, one of the best and most hilarious television hosts of all time came into her show as Sia, the iconic singer. And it’s not just the costume; Ellen gave us all a taste of Sia’s performance and moves, with a twist as usual.

Let us know which one of the above celebrities did it the best in the comments section below. Also, remember that no matter who or in this case what you dress as, make sure you are comfortable. Otherwise, you won’t be able to have fun or enjoy the event. We hope you nail the show with these ideas. Happy Halloween peeps!

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