9 Best Hair Care Tips From Mom’s Diary

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It’s time we take a deep breath and gulp in the fact that – Mother knows best! Starting from what you should eat to what hair care plan you should follow, it’s almost annoying how moms worldwide are always right about what you should do. And there is a good reason why you should follow exactly what they say, for their hair at that age is shinier than what you have in your youth (sob sob). Well, even so, it’s never too late to get into the proper hair care regime! Here are some age-old hair care recipes followed by moms and grandmas through generations that have helped them achieve a cascade of hair. Read on to know them all.

1. Castor Oil Massage

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Castor oil is a miracle potion that people have tried or heard of because of its widespread use in Indian households. Faster hair growth has been linked to castor oil for everyday use. So for those who have trouble growing healthy hair, castor oil is the answer. Be aware, though, as castor oil is pretty thick in consistency and should be combined with the other lighter oils to avoid heavy and sticky hair.

2. Don’t Shampoo Too Often

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If you ask your mom and grandma about their hair wash schedule, they will tell you how they kept a particular weekend day to wash their hair. That is very contrasting to our everyday hair washing without reaping fruitful results. The secret is to limit the use of chemicals on your hair, including shampoo and conditioners. The less you wash your hair, the more time your scalp will take to produce oils and get your hair feeling greasy. You can also use natural alternatives to shampooing hair to keep your hair feeling fresh all week long.

3. Hair Massages

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Life without champi? No, thank you! Champi, or the traditional hair massage, is enjoyed by everyone as the perfect relaxation mode. It increases blood flow to your head, lowers chances of hair fall, prevents and relieves migraines, and detoxifies your entire body by activating your lymphatic drainage system, making it an ideal stress reliever.

4. Henna Hair Mask

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 Hair dyes have been replaced with henna, or Mehendi, in India from the beginning of time. In addition, hair masks made with henna are particularly effective. You can use this mask daily to keep dandruff at bay and nourish your hair’s follicles.

5. Amla And Shikakai Hair Mask

Amla And Shikakai Hair Mask
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The vital fatty acids present in amla moisturize the scalp and act as a supplement because of their high Vitamin C content. To counteract the adverse effects of breakage and strengthen the hair, Shikakai is an excellent hair conditioner. These two magical chemicals may help your hair in a variety of ways. Consider making your own chemical-free powder shampoo instead of the chemical shampoo you’re now using.

6. Coconut Oil Massage

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The magical properties of coconut oil are not limited to southern parts of India alone. The lauric acid in the oil keeps your hair hydrated and protects the hair strands against protein loss. In addition, the chemical composition allows it to permeate the hair shaft and repair the hair damage.

7. Curry Leaves Infusion

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Traditional Indian medicine has long recognized the therapeutic properties of curry leaves. In addition to cooking, they are also utilized in hair care products because of their ability to stimulate hair growth. Infusing it in oil or frying coconut oil will ensure your hair stays hydrated and healthy without any treatment.

8. Comb Your Hair

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The idea that brushing your hair too frequently might cause hair loss and breakage is incorrect, and if you recall your childhood, your grandma or mom would have had a specific time of the day when they would simply comb your hair out from the tip to the root. Even when we are bound by time constraints, it is essential to keep time for brushing hair gently to remove dirt and dust that clog the scalp and prevent hair from growing. Using a proper hair brushing technique also helps to encourage the production of natural oils from the scalp, which helps to maintain the hair and scalp healthy. It takes just three minutes of your daily grooming regimen to reap the benefits of regular hair brushing, so don’t hesitate to get started now.

9. Braid Your Hair

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Whether it’s a myth or not, braiding your hair is believed to speed up the growth of your hair and prevent hair damage. As a result, hair breakage is stopped, and grime and pollutants are kept at bay to some extent, even though no scientific proof can be found to support this idea.

So now that you know how to care for your hair the right way, flaunting gorgeous hair won’t be a problem. Make sure you supplement your hair with natural products and eat a protein rich diet. It is also essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle to make your hair and skin youthful. Is there something you would like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section!

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