5 Best Hairstyles When You Are Dressed In a Silk Saree

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Now, who doesn’t love wearing a saree, right? The nine yards of saree is all it takes for a woman to transform into an Indian goddess. A woman naturally feels in control after draping a saree. Much like you do, we all love sarees, And we’re sure that when it comes to draping a saree, it’s no joke. The list of dilemmas can go on — correct way to flaunt that gorgeous saree or the color that will suit you the best, or which blouse would match, which accessories will complement the saree best, what occasion is it and so on and so forth. Oh god, save me! The silk one? That georgette one? Which one? Decisions are too many when it comes to wearing a saree, isn’t it?

An important thing that most women mess up while wearing a saree is that they ignore the hairstyle that needs to go with their type of draped saree. All the effort you’ve put in draping that gorgeous nine yards of pure bliss can become a thud if you’ve not styled your hair right. Silk sarees are known for its sheer elegance. It’s the most traditional wear for Indians (especially, the South Indians). And, not all hairdos can make you look good while adorning a silk saree. So, here’s a quick guide we’ve put together for you to know and understand which hairstyle suits the best with your pretty silk saree.

1. The Bun Style

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This is one of the easiest and hassle-free hairstyles for you to opt for while wearing that nine yards of silk saree. It will give you a delicate traditional look that will leave others admiring you in awe. However, the bun hairstyle come in different types, they are:

  • The High Bun:
    Image: Instagram @gayatristyle

    This style suits best on your Kanchipuram silk sarees. It will leave you looking elegant and majestic like no other hairstyle. This style is nothing but pulling up all your hair into a high bun on your head.

  • The Side Bun:
    Image: Instagram @mabeltohmakeupstudio

    TThis style will compliment your simple silk sarees and when you want to look not so traditional and get a bit casual with your look. As the name suggests, this bun is made on either side of your head and not on the center. Part your hair towards the side where you want your side bun and you’re done.

  • The Messy Bun:
    Image: Instagram @nini_raveen

    Who said you can’t head to a party in a silk saree. This hairstyle will make all the difference that it needs to. This bun hairstyle is definitely messy and very much out of order. It just preps your party look and mood.

2. The Center Parting

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A saree makes a woman look mature naturally. And if your someone who loves wearing that grand Benarasi or the majestic Kanchi weave then we suggest you do a center parting to your hair. The center parting gives a royal look to your attire. You could either bun it up, braid it up or even wear a ponytail after doing the center parting.

3. The Traditional Braid

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We all know the choti or the traditional braid, don’t we? The parting up of your hair into three and then weaving them around each other simultaneously. If you’re having a bad hair day, this style needs to be your go-to option. You can go creative and include tassels while weaving your hair into a braid.

4. The Fishtail Braid

Image: Instagram @santhoshiplush

We’d like to call it the modernized choti or braid. Weaving your hair into a fishtail braid can make you feel like it’s a little complicated to do if you’re trying it for the first time. But with so many help videos available online, we’re sure you’ll learn it in a jiffy. If you have modern blouses to go with your traditional silk sarees, then opt for this braid and feel like a modern diva

5. The Free Hair

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If you have thick, lustrous hair and love the locks on it, then just opt for a free hair look. All you need to do is wash your hair, blow dry it and set it in its most natural form. You can do some soft curls at the bottom part of your hair to make it look bouncy. It’s the simplest form of hairstyle and will go well with all kinds of silk sarees that you own.

You can definitely go creative when it comes to styling your hair. But, when you’re wearing a saree you need to keep in mind a lot of things (the type of saree, the occasion, the blouse style) and then zero down on a suitable hairstyle. We hope that these styles are of some use to you. Which hairstyle do you think goes best with a saree? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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