This Hair Growth Recipe Can Reverse Hair Thinning. Give It A Try – You Will Not Be Disappointed

by Rachana C

DIY-ing is such fun when it comes to making hair masks and face packs at home. While I take a little of that and a little of this from the fridge or the kitchen, it always leaves me amazed that something that goes into the mouth can also be applied to the skin or the scalp – and show such amazing results. And, then, I stumbled upon the recipe for this creamy concoction, which proves to be an excellent nourishing potion for those tresses that are waiting to be hydrated. Also, this mixture has the potential to revive hair growth in bald spots.

Hair thinning and bald patches are one of the worst things that can happen, and we eagerly wait for some magic products to land on our hair and breathe some life into it. Instead, how about trying this almost-magic-like treatment on your hair?

The Ingredients You’d Need

  • The yolk of one egg
  • A nice big dollop of honey, preferably organic
  • 100 ml of beer
  • Half banana

Once you have blended all the ingredients together into a luscious-looking mixture, resist the temptation of gulping down a spoonful of this and apply it all over your scalp, more copiously on areas where you experience thinning. Allow the ingredients to work on the scalp for about 3 hours and wash your hair out with a mild shampoo.

If you experience the mixture becoming warm while it sits on your scalp, do not worry. This is, in fact, a good sign that the potion is doing the trick! One of the reasons people prefer a DIY mask or treatment is because they want to know what’s going into their packs. To those curious ones, I ought to tell that I am very choosy too. Here’s what goes into this blended mask and this is what it does to the scalp.

1. Honey


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I will start with honey, for, this is what makes it feel like a luxurious treatment you are pampering your mane with. Honey is a humectant. That is to say that it loves water and is in no way going to stay away from it. It locks in all the moisture and imparts the same hydrating effect on the scalp and hair. It repairs the hair shafts and makes it shinier. Also, it brings back inactive hair follicles into life and boosts growth in those bald areas.

If you are losing more than the usual number of strands each day because of dandruff or other infections, then let me tell you, honey is a wonderful antifungal and antimycotic agent that will help you treat the infection. Just a word of caution though, try not to go out in the sun soon after applying honey unless you want to lighten the color of your hair and show off some blonde tresses instead.

2. Banana


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Another yummy but messy ingredient that goes into this mask is a banana. That banana is rich in potassium is a well-known fact. While this element contributes to hair growth anyway, what is slightly more effective is tocopherol. It regenerates the lost sheen and boosts the growth of hair. Also, ascorbic acid present in banana forms a sort of sheath around the follicles, inhibiting breakage. Vitamin B, however, protects the hair from all the harsh environmental changes we put our hair through. Why wouldn’t anyone NOT want to mash this fruit and make a mask out of it?

3. Egg Yolk


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Egg yolks are packed with proteins, and your hair is going to love that! Why wouldn’t it? A hair strand is quite literally a protein filament, which means it needs tons of proteins to produce lots of filaments. Apart from topical application, also include the right amount of protein in your diet because repairing the hair from within is more important than restoring just the exterior.

Egg yolks are even more a boon for those with dry hair since the moisture gets locked in and the hair is adequately hydrated. This reduces damage and breakage. Egg yolks tend to help in blending the whole concoction into an evenly blended mixture, which makes it easy to apply and wash. You don’t need better reasons than these to throw some yolks into the blender, do you?

4. Beer


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Now it is the turn of this mystery ingredient, beer. Ten years ago, I knew of this as an important member of college frat parties, but before I knew anything more, people started washing their hair with this. However, washing hair with beer is quite an age-old hack, but it garnered a bit of popularity with the rise of its usage in beauty products in the recent past.

Apart from the gastronomical enthusiasm surrounding this ingredient, it seems like it also works pretty well for that thing on top of your head. This is primarily because of the protein, mineral, and vitamin content of beer. Also, barley in the beer forms a film on the scalp and protects the hair from damage. It makes the hair looks shinier too. It is actually the silicon in the barley that does it all.

With such potent ingredients, it appears more than just convincing that this treatment is going to make the hair look gorgeous and more voluminous than ever before. It would be a real treat to all those thirsty tresses and those patches of dormant follicles on the scalp. It is recommended to use this treatment once a week until your hair has regained all its former glory. I am not going to waste another minute now! When are you trying this? Comment below and tell us how your hair feels after the treatment.

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