The Interesting Link Between Your Health & Your Birth Month

by Shirin Mehdi

Are your birth month and health really interlinked? Sounds preposterous? After all, who takes horoscopes seriously anyway? But a new research could startle you! Apparently, your birth month can predict more than 50 health conditions that you could be at the risk of contracting. This research was published in the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association, and was carried out by scientists at the Columbia University.

They compared the medical records of about a million and a half patients who were treated at the New- York Presbyterian Hospital and correlated them to their birthdates. The records dated from 1985 to 2013.

Of the 1688 diseases they studied, as many as 1600 diseases had no association with the patients birth month, but about 39 diseases were directly linked to the time of the year the patients were born. And what’s more, they also established 16 new associations, which included 9 kinds of heart diseases.

To make it a little more credible for you,  the risk arises, because of the deterrents in your mother’s environment, while she was pregnant. Obviously, these disincentives affect and compromise your immune system. It is also proven that expectant mothers who suffer from flu, give birth to babies who could be disposed to cardiovascular diseases in the future.

While there is more research required to explain the direct proportion between your birth month and the health problems, there is no sure-shot or definitive theory whether or not your birth month may  affect your health. It also means that if you are born during a low risk month, you cannot get complacent about your health, and if you are born during a high-risk month, you need not worry about a health catastrophe.

Now that the context is set, let us take a look at what your birth month declares about your health.

1. January

These winter babies are usually prone to heart disease and high blood pressure.

2. February

Born in the month of love, the Valentine children are at the mercy of malignant lung or bronchus tumors. They might also have to deal with choking.

3. March

The ides of March spell the peril of heart diseases, irregular heartbeats and circulatory issues for the Maaliskuu (Finnish) born.

4. April

The onset of spring brings with it the worry of heart diseases and chest pain for the ones born in April.

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5. May

Maybe the Force is with them. The May babies are prone to zilch health risks.

6. June

Six months into the year, the June born are jeopardized by asthma and chest pain.

7. July

Come July, and these little ones have nothing to worry about, as their future seems to be healthy and disease proof.

8. August

The proud lions are at the risk of contracting eye infections.

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9. September

As the last quarter of the year and the festivities begin, the health risks increase. The ones born in the ninth month are at the risk of contracting respiratory infections, fever, ear infections, vomiting, asthma, adjustment, and psychosocial disorders, and to top it all, complications during pregnancy and problems at childbirth.

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10. October

Yay! In October, it is time for the Oktober fest, but nay! It brings along  the dangers of respiratory and lung infections, sore throats, viral infections, perineal tears during delivery, insect bites, problems with vision, heavy periods, stomach issues and postpartum depression.

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11. November

Sweet November turns sour with the threat of viral diseases, colon issues, ADHD, difficulty in conceiving, painkiller dependency, carrying full-term, diarrhea, vaginal issues, tonsillitis and learning difficulties.

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12. December

Beware!! The babies of the holiday season must be extra careful since they are prone to getting bruises.

We almost always require a little push to work out, eat healthy or just do the right things. While you may or may not believe in the fact that your birth month can determine your health, this piece could motivate you to live a healthy life..

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