11 Bizarre Fashion Rules That The Royals Have To Live By

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Let’s be honest here, did you ever dream of waking up as a princess and enjoy the perks of royalty? Well, there are many royal families around the world, but the one family that creates headlines with its pomp and grandeur is the British Royal family. You might think it’s a dream come true to be born in royalty, but it is more than just the tiaras and gowns. There are dozens of rules that the royals have to live by and follow every single day. From what clothes to wear to what makeup they should put on, here are some of the most bizarre rules that exist among the royal families. Read on to know what they are!

1. The Queen Is Always Bright

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Honestly, it’s near impossible for the Queen to get lost in a crowd, and she makes sure she stands out. If you make a collage of what the Queen wears every day and place the pictures side by side, you may have every color dress that a crayon box consists of! From lime green to bright red, the Queen never shies away from being the brightest in the room, and we appreciate her confidence.

2. Hats Are A Must

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Royal etiquettes dictate that women cover their heads in hats at all official events. It dates back to the 1950s, and while Kate makes the rule a little flexible, the Queen is always seen with a hat matching the color of her outfit. Even if it’s not a hat, she always has a headpiece or crown to draw attention to her head.

3. Tiaras Are More Like Engagement Rings

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Tiaras are one of the biggest reasons girls dream of being a royal. Who wouldn’t want to put on a gorgeous jeweled crown on their head! But the one condition with crowns is, you can put them on only after you are married! So it is more like a giant wedding ring!

4. Young Princes Never Wear Full Pants

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The fashion rules are not just for the grownups, kids have to deal with it too. The young princes have to wear shorts and not full pants when attending public meetings. Trousers are for older men only.

5. Gloves Are A Must

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Gloves add a different kind of class to your outfit, and with royals, it’s more like a uniform. Royals need to shake hands with many people at a time, and gloves help you maintain your hygiene in the crowd. The Queen is always seen with gloves, but Princess Diana was an exception who liked to shake hands with people without any gloves.

6. Always Have A Black Dress

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Royals are hardly seen in black, other than mournings. You might wonder how they arranged for a black outfit while they were out on vacation! The truth is, they always have one set ready and packed in their luggage just in case they have to attend an emergency funeral.

7. Coats Cannot Be Removed In Public

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You might want to celebrate your liberty of being able to open your coat whenever and wherever you want to. With Royals, it is not as simple. The act of opening a coat is considered unladylike, and hence you have to keep your coat on in public and open it only when you are indoors. So if the temperature spikes, you are just going to have to sweat in heavy clothing.

8. Nails Paint Should Be Subtle

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You might be confused at why the Queen can dress in bling colors and while the nails have to be clear polish, but that’s the way it is! So no matter how fond you are of nail art and bright colored polish, you have to subdue those aspirations and stick to subtle colors like nude and clear polish.

9. A Clutch Does More Than Just Hold Your Phone

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For Duchess Kate, a clutch in hand is like a safety net. She can hold her clutch and pretend like her hands are too full to reach out to the public. The good thing is, the public is not allowed to make the first move and reach out to the Royal family, and so if she holds a clutch, she is not being rude and, in the same way, protecting herself from having to shake hands with everyone.

10. Wedges Are Not Royal Approved

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Wedge is the in-between for a heel and a sneaker. It looks super cute and gives you height. However, according to the Queen, wedges are not what princesses should wear out in public. It is always heels for Royals to look absolutely ladylike.

11. Pantyhose Is A Must

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There is no definite law, but the unspoken rule dictates that the female members be seen in tights in all public meetings. Even comfortable silicone stockings will do, but they cannot show bare legs.

So now that you know Royal fashion rules are more rigid than the school dress code, who is still hung on living the life of a Royal? Well, some of these rules might indeed startle you, but they are modified according to generation, and we are glad to see the flexibility brought by different members of the royal family. Do you have any favorite fashion code that is followed by the royals? Let us know in the comments!

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