10 Bizarre Food Pairings That Are Actually Delicious

by Shivani K

Food pairings are what makes one particular cuisine stand out from another. And honestly, who among us hasn’t experimented with food by pairing items which otherwise don’t go together to get something unusual? Any pineapple on pizza lovers in the house? Did you know that potato chips dipped in chocolate sauce or honey-dipped French fries are great foo pairings? To some of our readers, these unusual food combinations might sound weird, insane and wacky. But, to many out there who are reading this, the mere thought of such bizarre food pairings might have them drooling already.

Most of us eat such weird combos and we like to safeguard this secret because we are scared of being an outcast or a weirdo. But hey! Food is a celebration and as long as you feel good eating it who cares how you eat it, right? We decided to celebrate the most bizarre food pairings and put together the below list for you. Read and relish!

1. Chocolate And Popcorn


There’s no doubt about the fact that chocolate and salt go together fabulously. Chocolate-dipped strawberries and marshmallows are yesterday’s thing. Make way for popcorn dipped in chocolate sauce. The buttery, salty popcorn totally accentuates the flavor of the chocolate. It’s about time we ditched the caramelized popcorn and tried this delicacy.

2. Lemon Juice And Hot Chips


Yas! You read this right. Ditch the traditional tomato sauce for a day. Instead, squeeze some lemon juice over your chips, add a dash of pepper or paprika, and add some zing to your taste buds. The greasy chips pair extremely well with the acidic lemon.

3. Peanut Butter And Burger

You have to move on guys, you know, from the age-old peanut butter and jelly combo. It’s this peanut butter and burger combo that is doing the rounds of the food circuit now. We even heard that some of the restaurants have started serving their own variations of this food combo. But you don’t have to go out. Just try it out at home and fall in love with peanut butter all over again.

4. Pickles And Ice Cream


Don’t judge us now! It’s the perfect weird food combination according to us. The tangy, salty flavor of pickle gets balanced by the creamy, sweet texture of the ice cream. Go ahead, try dipping your favorite pickle in a scoop of your favorite ice cream and judge the yum quotient of this heavenly combo for yourself.

5. Orange Juice And Coffee


This combo takes the cake when it comes to weird food combos. Our jaws dropped open when we came across this. Turns out that just a few drops of orange juice can help cut the bitterness of the black coffee. This is definitely healthier than stirring in some fatty milk or cream, isn’t it? We tried this and loved it.

6. Nutella Parantha

How did this happen? One of our teammates happened to visit Kasol, a beautiful little town in Himachal Pradesh, India. He happened to taste it there. And after he was back, he made these Nutella-filled paranthas and brought them for lunch. Poor man! We attacked the food with so much gusto that the poor guy’s lunch box broke into pieces.

7. Chilli Ice Cream


I know it sounds extremely unusual, but this weird combination has already been adopted by most of the restaurants all over the world. Indians love this combination because their spice tolerance levels are already quite high. It tastes spicy and cold at the same time leaving a spectacular sensation in your mouth.

8. Vodka Pani Puri

As Indians, we love to add a desi touch to everything. So, how could we leave our favorite vodka shots alone? We decided to make it the pani puri way! So instead of asking for “bhaiya thoda aur pani dena,” we just signal for another vodka pani puri shot.

9. Charcoal Ice Cream


Popularly known as the black ice cream, this ice cream gets its black color from the activated charcoal which is added to it in the mixing stage. It tastes quite bland unless it’s teamed with another flavor of ice cream or some toppings. However, the black color of the ice cream feels very gothic and appeals to many people out there.

10. Chicken And Coke


The next time you happen to cook chicken pour in some coke, the beverage, into your frying pan. The acidity of the coke is going to tenderize the chicken and help it absorb the flavors better. You can also use it to marinade the chicken. It will make sure the flavors last longer.

They might be a little weird, but they are the coolest combinations ever. And honestly, most of the delicacies that we have today have been discovered by mistake — the ice cream cone, chocolate chip cookies, and popsicles. Yes, all of these were glorious mistakes that made our world a much yummier place to live in. So, which is your favorite bizarre food combination? Let us know in the comments below.

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