Different Blouse Designs Perfect For This Wedding Season

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Weddings are widely celebrated events in India. It is almost like witnessing a grand festival that lasts anywhere between two to four days and sometimes even an entire week. And November-December, the year-end is usually like the wedding season in the country. Everybody loves dressing up for the wedding even if the wedding is of a distant relative they have seldom hung out with. Weddings are usually the time everybody shows off their fashion game. And when it comes to women, it’s usually the sarees that make most of their wedding attire collection. There are many things that give your saree the uniqueness that it flaunts like the color, print, and draping style. And the design of your blouse is another very important feature that can help you ace your saree game.

Women have been experimenting with the design and pattern of their blouses since time immemorial, giving saree a fresh new face along with the traditional one. Here’s a list of some of the popular designs of blouses that will be perfect to flaunt along with your saree this wedding season. Start making a note of them as you read.

1. The Zipper Jacket Blouse

Image: sonamkapoor / Instagram

This zipper jacket which is usually a common design among biker jackets is a very fiery way of adding the twist to your blouse. Go bold with this style; team it up with a sober saree so that the blouse grabs all eyes. Show the biker girl side of yours if you’ve always loved bikes and long rides.

2. The Cape Blouse

Image: samantharuthprabhuoffl / Instagram

Capes have been an element that represents some sort of superpower. How about incorporating it into your saree look? Get a cape blouse stitched that will make you feel like you could fly in your saree with a superpower. Many Bollywood actresses are seen flaunting this style of blouse at several events and weddings.

3. The Bead String Blouse

Image: devoleena / Instagram

Who said that only a choli needs to be grand? You can make your vanilla saree look stellar with this blouse that has beaded strings. When you wear such blouses it’s better to pair them with a saree that is plain and of a contrast color. If you’re going for a single color look, make sure you’ve got some bling element added. In this case, you can see that the heavy blouse and the plain satin saree with feathered borders complement each other so well.

4. The Ruffled Sleeve Blouse

Image: anitahassanandani / Instagram

If you want the blouse to fit perfect and in a comfortable way, then you could experiment and play with the sleeves of the blouse, like this one. Ruffle sleeves add drama to the otherwise plain and boring blouse of yours.

5. The Off-Shoulder Blouse

Image: sonamkapoor / Instagram

Before you go ahead and wear this blouse, make sure that you’re comfortable with it. Go off-shoulder with your blouse design at a cocktail party or at a wedding. Use some highlighter on your collar bones if you are going for the plain neck look. And if you’re pairing this blouse with a grand silk or festive saree, add a heavy neckpiece to it. Off-shoulder blouses with sarees is a rarity, at least in the middle section of the society; so, if you want to inspire other women to go bold, then go for this.

6. The Tube Blouse

Image: theshilpashetty / Instagram

If your saree is too Plain Jane, then you could add patterns to your plain blouse like this one and convert it into a tube blouse. What’s the best thing about this style? You can use the blouse like a top and it will go well with a skirt or a pair of pants.

7. The Satin Blouse

Image: theshilpashetty / Instagram

We think wearing a satin blouse with a saree will give your wedding look a touch of elegance and sophistication. You can go for either contrast colored blouse or the same color as your saree. It looks and feels good!

8. The Sequin Blouse

Image: anitahassanandani / Instagram

If you’re fed up of wearing embroidered blouses, then opt for a sequin one instead. Wear it for the wedding reception so that you will shimmer because of your blouse. For sure, everybody’s eyes will be on you!

9. The Hole In The Back Blouse

Image: therealkarismakapoor / Instagram

For some women, going backless with their blouses seems to be very bold in the eyes of their family members. In such cases, you can take the safer and smarter route by wearing this kind of a blouse that has a huge hole in the back. It is almost backless but it isn’t completely either. Ladies, wear what you love and be smart of your choices if you have restrictions and regulations around you (sadly).

10. The Long-line Jacket Blouse

Image: kajol / Instagram

If you want to wear your saree look with a twist, then there’s no better way than how Kajol is wearing it here. Wear a long jacket instead of a blouse. Wear a belt to keep the jacket together with blouse and not let it overshadow your saree. Blouse it with a twist!

11. The Balloon Blouse

Image: realhinakhan / Instagram

When Hina wore this balloon sleeve blouse, the spectators couldn’t stop raving about her look. If you want to add that oomph and fashionista factor to your blouse, then go the bold way with this design. If you don’t like the off-shoulder style, you can go with a normal blouse with the balloon sleeves.

With so many options around you, we hope you’ll rock all of your wedding looks! Which is your favorite way to style your blouse? Let us know in the comments below.

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