7 Body Features That Women Should Stop Feeling Insecure About

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We live in a world where society dictates the beauty standards we are expected to fit into. Be it maintaining perfectly shaped eyebrows, a preference for a specific skin tone, or a preferred body type, we all struggle to be a part of what is considered acceptable. It’s amusing that the beauty standards keep changing with time, so it’s a continuous battle. If you have been wearing certain clothes to alter your body shape or have been hiding behind layers of foundations to cover your scars, you are not alone. But, to break the toxicity of following unrealistic beauty standards, here are some natural body features that we need to accept and quit being ashamed of. Read on to know them all.

1. A Protruding Belly Button

A Protruding Belly Button
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Did you know that a large majority of people have outie belly buttons? Even though social media and the glamor industry have popularized deep and round belly buttons to be attractive, not everyone has them naturally. And if you have an outie, there is nothing to be ashamed about. After all, about 88% have a convex navel, and you are one of them (1).

2. Stretch Marks And Scars

Stretch Marks And Scars
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Most women avoid wearing certain clothing styles because they’re conscious about showing stretch marks or scars. They do this despite knowing that scars are as common as other skin imperfections like moles and acne. It’s common to develop scars following surgery; in fact, over a hundred million people worldwide have scars. Selena Gomez, the famous actress, and singer was self-conscious about her kidney transplant scar. Later, though, she dared to share a photo of herself with her visible scar. It has served as motivation for a lot of people.

3. Hair On Toes

Hair On Toes
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Hair can appear everywhere, including on the toes. Among the many feminine grooming rituals women are willing to keep secret from the world, some have said that plucking and removing their toe hair is painful. Toe hair is a sign of healthy blood flow in the body (2). As one ages, their toe hair may thin or thicken, respectively. Also, the toe hair won’t stop you from doing anything, So stop trying to hide or pluck them out.

4. Wrinkled Skin Above The Knee

Wrinkled Skin Above The Knee
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Shaving your legs was once thought to promote quicker and thicker hair growth, but this theory has since been disproven. Shaving has no effect on hair thickness or coarseness. Many women choose not to shave their thigh hair since the hair is typically finer and less noticeable than just under the knee. In any case, everyone can keep their hair or not as a personal choice. The appearance of veins on the legs is a common complaint among women. They are innocuous, but you should keep an eye on them if they develop into more serious problems like varicose veins. Spider veins are common, therefore you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself if you have them.

5. Unpolished Fingernails

Unpolished Fingernails
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The market for manicure services is growing. Nail paint and gels are popular with women because they look good and last for up to three weeks. Nail paint is common, yet many people like their natural nails. There are several reasons you might choose to skip the salon manicure. Time and money savings and infection prevention are common motivators.

6. Necks Lines

Necks Lines
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Researchers were puzzled to see what they dubbed as “Venus rings” around the neck of an ancient statue of a young lady. They reasoned that the lines were a status symbol denoting the women’s good health and diet. Many women try to hide these lines due to the stigma associated with them as an indicator of aging. However, these creases are ageless and might occur at any time.

7. The Chub Rub

The Chub Rub
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When wearing a skirt or loose shorts, chafing between the thighs is a common problem for women. However, there are various measures one may take to forestall this issue. Short cotton briefs or band cloth can be worn beneath the skirt to stop skin rubbing. The rubbing often causes the skin to darken, which can make you feel unattractive, but it is only natural. Make sure you wash the area and apply a soothing cream to eliminate the burning sensation.

Insecurity about one’s appearance and body is not new, and people have been struggling to blend into unrealistic beauty standards set by society. Fortunately, the surging wave of body acceptance has helped more people get aware of their natural bodies. So, what is the feature in you that makes you look unique? Let us know in the comments section!

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