10 Body Myths You Should Stop Passing To Other People

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To date, numerous researches have been done to understand the mechanism of the human body. As interesting as our bodies are, many absurd myths about our body have spread their roots deep in our society. Some of these myths are so old that it is difficult to separate them from science. Here in this article, we have discussed some of these common myths and why we should debunk them right away. Read on to know them all.

1. To Gain Weight, You Need To Eat Right Before Going To Bed

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Late-night snacking may contribute to unhealthy weight gain, but that is only if you skip lunch and then make up for it by having a humongous dinner later. It turns out that paying attention to the total number of calories you consume rather than the timing of your meals is crucial for keeping the extra pounds off.

2. Acne Is Triggered By Chocolate

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When trying to maintain a clean skin, smearing chocolate on your face is a strict no-no. Some people, especially those with oily skin, may find that even eating chocolate exacerbates their problem. However, studies have shown conflicting outcomes therefore this assertion cannot be confirmed scientifically.

3. Shaved Hair Tends To Regrow Densely

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Several methods for removing unwanted hair from body parts have emerged and shaving is by far the most popular among them. Shaving might give the impression that new hair is growing darker and fuller than it actually is. But this is only an illusion as the top of the hair is cut and now appears thicker.

4. White Teeth Are A Sign Of Good Oral Health

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A majority of advertising features models who smile brightly. For this reason, many of us are keen to try out new techniques for bleaching our teeth. However, only a healthy set of teeth will make you feel confident. Although it’s appealing to have white teeth and embarrassing to have yellow ones, the slight yellowing of our gums is actually a protective layer for the teeth.

5. Wrinkles Might Be The Result Of Smiling Too Much

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Often known as laugh lines and crow’s feet, fine lines grow more pronounced with age. These lines are commonly associated with a happy expression. When we squint and smile, more of these become visible. However, it doesn’t mean that laughing will make your skin crease permanently. So, keep smiling!

6. Yoga Fixes Body Aches

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We are motivated to attempt yoga poses because of its claims to improve flexibility and health. However, if you treat yoga as a supplemental therapy to cure everything, it might disappoint you as you are already too sore even to do the poses correctly.

7. Bunions Are A Common Result Of Wearing High Heels

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If you have been worried that heels will give you bunions down the road, you can let out a sigh of relief. Wearing high heels might aggravate the pain of bunions, but they do not create them. Genetic predisposition and inflammatory joint illnesses like arthritis are the real culprits behind bunions (1). Only squished toes pose a threat from footwear.

8. You Should Detox Everyday

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We are led to believe that our bodies require a great deal of assistance from a wide variety of nutritious meals by numerous fads, including detox diets, cleaning smoothies, multivitamins and so on. They appear beneficial, but we don’t need all of that. Our bodies already have an internal cleansing mechanism, so there’s no need to supplement it with a wide variety of so-called cleansers. The liver naturally processes everything we put into our bodies; all we should do is keep it healthy. Additionally, without the guidance of a medical practitioner, attempting new diets and exercise routines might be harmful to the liver.

9. It’s Very Natural To Snore While You Sleep

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Even while snoring is irritating and common, it should be taken seriously. In fact, multiple conditions can be detected when snoring becomes increasingly loud over time. Nasal obstruction, insomnia, and obstructive sleep apnea are all symptoms of these conditions.

10. Fingerprints Are Unique

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The fact that each person’s fingerprints are entirely different from everyone else’s may seem like conventional information (2). Even in espionage movies and cartoons, characters occasionally scan their fingernails to reveal confidential information. But, interesting as it is, there is a chance that it is not entirely accurate because fingerprints are not as dependable as they once were when investigating crimes. As a result, you may confuse some patterns with one another.

The human body is no less than a mystery machine, and the more scientists study the human body, the more they are awed by the unique mechanism it follows. Unfortunately, however, the myths that have been cultured and passed on through generations are also deeply rooted and tend to confuse us. We hope these facts will help you separate the facts from fiction!

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