Breathe Easy – The Best (And Healthiest) Eye Mask I’ve Ever Used!

Written by Tanya Arora

I was 17 when I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. It’s been 10 years now and the journey has been rough, to say the least. Every now and then I have to go through the cycle of a blocked nose, headaches, fever, and a course of medicines.

Honestly, it’s the last bit that bothers me the most. I’m not very fond of resorting to chemicals to cure myself. I’m more of a home remedy person but with my busy work schedule, I hardly get the time to try the remedies.

This is the major reason why I was looking for an ayurvedic product that could provide me with some instant relief and save me from the harmful effect of chemicals. And that’s when I came across the OMVED Breathe Easy Cold/Sinusitis Eye Mask. Although I was skeptical to try it the first time, this thing truly changed my life for the better. Read on my review to know.

Breathe Easy Is The Best All-Natural, Sinusitis, And Cold Reliever In The Market!

A friend of mine had been raving about the OMVED Breathe Easy Eye Mask, saying it really helped her with stress-related headaches and common colds. She told me I should give it a shot since the eye mask has been specifically made for sinusitis. I decided to give it a shot even though the price tag made me a bit hesitant, because INR 1490/- isn’t exactly cheap, right? But I soon found out that this thing is actually worth way more than its price tag.

The Breathe Easy Eye Mask looks different from your standard eye masks. Grey in color, it’s shaped like a small rectangular pillow that is supposed to sit snugly on the bridge of your nose and eyes. It has a soft elastic band to keep it in place and features thick padding on the mask side. The padding contains a unique and proprietary concoction of 100% natural ingredients such as flaxseeds and lavender, and chamomile essential oils, which helps this product do its magic.


This one-of-a-kind eye mask is very easy to wear too. I only had to put it lightly on my eyes. No microwaving or freezing required. Just take it out of the re-sealable pack and put it on at room temperature. Keep it back in the pack when not in use. Easy peasy!

As for whether this mask works or not, it does. It so does! Like I said, I’ve been a chronic sinusitis patient for 10 years and no home remedy or medication has ever brought me the kind of relief this eye mask did. As soon as I put it on, I can feel its soothing herbs enrapture me in a calming way, while the soft pads sit gently against my eyes providing the therapeutic feeling of acupressure.

The Breathe Easy sinus compress is revolutionary in my opinion. It helps me relax while decongesting my nose. The concoction of herbs ingrained in the eye pillow is used in aromatherapy to bring relief, and they’re effective in doing so. After using the mask for just 30 seconds, I felt relieved of the symptoms of my sinusitis.

One of the things I love the most about the Breathe Easy sinus pillow is that it is reusable, washable, and has a long shelf life. It totally fits into my hectic schedule and my budget. It is also free from any side effects. What’s more, I can also use it for headaches, allergies, eye strain, dry eyes, migraine, snoring, and more.


Based on my experience, I would totally recommend this Breathe Easy Cold/Sinusitis Eye Mask which is also backed by therapists and doctors. It’s a great investment and is completely hygienic and safe for use. Get yours today!

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