The BEST Facial For *Your* Skin Type (For That Bridal Glow!)

by Chaitra Krishnan

Is your big day getting closer? Weddings can be exhausting and all the running around coupled with anxiety can reflect on your skin. This is why it is extremely important to give your skin a lot of extra pampering before your big day. Of course, you’ll be wearing makeup and that might cover up your skin issues to an extent. But, a healthy and glowing skin will make your face look more lively and your skin even more flawless. Also, a bride needs to be camera-ready even during the days before the wedding as well as after the wedding (courtesy: all the pre and post wedding rituals). To make sure that your skin is as fresh as the daisies and as radiant as the moon, facials are the best option. But, how do you choose the best facial for yourself?

Everyone has a different skin type and also different skin problems. These two factors become the yardstick when you choose the kind of facial that you should go for. Facials, creams, or skin treatments are not magic and they all require your time and effort to fetch the desired results. Hence, it’s important that you concentrate on your skincare way before the wedding week. Also, if you stick to a routine, facials can do wonders to your skin. Don’t worry, if you’re confused about which facial to go for, we’re here to help you find an answer.

For Dry Skin


You need a facial that hydrates your dry skin and helps to lock in the moisture. Use a mild exfoliator to remove the barrier of dead skin cells before you apply the face pack. Gently massaging a hydrating serum or some essential oils will help you maintain the glow. Massaging stimulates the blood flow and the sebum production in the skin. Repeat the process once every two weeks for at least four months prior to your wedding day.

For Oily Skin


Nobody likes greasy skin! Remember that you’re going to wear your bridal makeup for almost an entire day which makes it impossible to wash your face in between. Use a gel-based face pack like an aloe vera one and make sure you steer clear of anything that has a dense and oily texture. Also, too much of massaging isn’t ideal for oily skin since it will promote the production of natural oil.

For Combination Skin


Well, things might be a little more challenging if you have combination skin. Identify the areas of your skin that are oily, normal, and dry and treat them accordingly. If you have an oily T-zone and dry cheeks, apply a thick moisturizer on your cheeks and a lighter one on your nose. Also, use face masks made of oil-absorbing ingredients like clay and charcoal in the oily areas. As far as an overall facemask is concerned, you can either go for something that’s suitable for normal skin type or you can go for a face pack according to the skin type that dominates (dry or oily).

For Sensitive Skin


Do you have sensitive skin that becomes red and irritated the moment you use a wrong cream? If you are, you should probably stay away from facials that use artificial gels and creams. Fruits and veggies are your buddies during your pre-wedding months and go for chemical-free facials. So go organic and consider DIY facials to obtain glowing skin for your D-day.

If Your Skin Becomes Dull Easily


No matter how amazing you look when you get ready, dull-skin can bring down your radiance in just a few hours. Meet your dermatologist and ask him if you can try a microabrasion treatment. This procedure uses micronized crystals to remove the dull dead skin cells from your face.

If Your Skin Breaks Out Easily


Always keep a stock of green tea, tea tree oil, and apple cider vinegar with you in case your skin is prone to zits. Prevention and scar removal can be easily taken care of with the help of a dermatologist. You can further try exploring the effectiveness of chemical peeling if you want to get rid of the scars sooner.

If You Have Pigmentation Issues


Many brides-to-be suffer from pigmentation issues which can be kept under control if you religiously use a good sunscreen. When it comes to their removal, go for natural facials that use apple cider vinegar, papaya, avocado, banana, lemon juice, orange, and tomato — these help fight pigmentation naturally.

If You Have Tanned Skin


There’s no need to feel guilty if you went on that beach vacation a few months before your wedding day. You can get the tan removed with your regular skincare facials. Lemon and orange juice are amazing de-tanning elixirs. Mix them with half a spoon of sugar crystals and a few drops of moisturizing oils to say goodbye to tanned skin.

It’s not just the facials that are going to determine the health and recovery of your skin. Remember to protect your skin from the sun, the dust, and the pollution. Drink plenty of water and sweat the dirt out with an evening run or a few minutes at the gym. Also, remember to keep your mind relaxed and happy. Every little thing matters when it comes to skincare and it is worth doing them because the bride in you deserves it!

What is your skin type and how did you take care of your skin prior to your wedding day? Share your tips and DIY tricks with our readers in the comments section below.

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