The Bridal Trends That Need To Die In 2019

by Saumya Gaur

If you have had a look at the news in the last 24 hours, you would be aware that one of the biggest business tycoons in India, nay, the world, Mukesh Ambani’s son, Akash Ambani is set to tie the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Shloka Mehta in the coming month of March. And if the humongous, luxurious invite is anything to go by, it’s going to be quite a big deal! So, rest assured, you are going to get your fill of the wedding glam. And also, the wedding season has officially been heralded!

Of late, we have been witnessing these mega weddings, be it the grand Nick-Yanka affair, or the DeepVeer dazzle, which set a standard, that all of us, no matter what our budget or capabilities, try to meet. And here lies the problem.To help all the 2019 hopeful brides, we decided to come up with a few pointers that would help get their Band, Baaja, and Baaratin order. So, before you start to meticulously arrange your Pinterest wedding board by following up on the Insta handles of these celebrities, join us in actively expunging these trends from your wedding folder.

1. Ditch The Celebrity Bride Look

sonamkapoor / Instagram

If you have ever been to the famous Chandni Chowk market of Delhi, you would know that it is the place to go for wedding shopping. One of the many USPs of Chaandni Chowk, the wedding shopping destination, is that it is one place where you’ll find all the celebrity wedding looks, under your budget.

You only have to pop into a shop and say that you are looking for the lehenga that Priyanka wore in her wedding, and lo and behold! You shall have it. But wait a minute, it’s your wedding, right? It should be your style that should be on display, why should you morph into someone else’s vision? Be you, girl! Rock those sneakers with the floral skirt, if you want to or get married in a cotton saree. You do you!

2. Ditch Those Killer Heels

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Not just killer heels, that heavy choker too! We get that most Indian weddings are about the display of wealth and grandeur, and in the spirit of “Ab nahi to kab,” most of us give in to the impulse to go big. Be it for the wedding jewelry, trousseau or even those heels. So most brides are willing to walk the aisle being weighed down by lehengas weighing several kilos, smiling bravely outwardly while inwardly cursing the inventor of stilettos.

But this is 2019 people! Global warming is here, and you don’t want to suffocate under those piles of jewels and fabric, do you? When it comes to your wedding look, prioritize comfort over appearance. You want to wear khadilehenga, please do! You want to rock those flats? We are here for you sister!

3. Ditch Red: There Are Other Colors That Spell Festive

wedmegood / Instagram

Forget Suhaagkinishaani, in our opinion red, has been done to death and no matter how hard you try, you can’t resurrect it. We can see it making a comeback in a decade or so, but it’s definitely out in 2019. You are a millennial bride, do justice to that tag, and do things zara hatke. While we are definitely not asking you to wear ivory at a Hindu wedding (why scandalize your poor mother), there are other colors that you can explore such as lilac, rust, and even pastels.
And prints! You can do so much with prints!

4. Ditch The Caked On Makeup

This is quite a popular opinion, but somewhere in the cacophony of so many aunties voicing their very important wedding opinions, this gets lost: when it comes to wedding makeup, less is more. There is no one set wedding makeup template according to which the bride has to wear red lip stickor has to have a smokey eye. In fact, following that template makes you one in the crowd and not one of a kind. If you want to stand out, use your makeup to highlight your best features rather than following a set pattern.

5. Ditch The Sharmili Bride Look

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Ok, let me preface this point by saying, why should boys have all the fun? Why would you wait in a corner for your dulha to bring his baraat, instead why not join in the fun?

It’s your day, and no one gets to put you in a corner on that day. Own it gal, and ditch the coy, demure bride look. Besides, the whole sharmili bride look is passé. Be the bride who wows everyone with her moves!

These were some of the bridal trends that we wish to bid a farewell to in 2019. But one thing that we wish for all the hopeful brides out there is that they get to have the wedding of their dreams, no matter what that dream is like!

What bridal trends do you want to say goodbye to? Let us know in the comments section.

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