3 Brides Who Took The Internet By Storm – All Thanks To Their Hatke Fashion!

By Chandrama Deshmukh

You said yes to the man, then you had to say yes to the lehenga.

And if you thought finding Prince Charming was tough, boy oh boy, are you in for a surprise – wedding attires are tougher. Any harried bride in the midst of planning her ‘big fat Indian wedding’ will ultimately confess – the garment she dons as she transitions into womanhood, that new chapter in her life, is truly a difficult choice to make. After all, the sheer punishing pressure to look perfect on your (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime day, can be overwhelming. You would think your (painstakingly detailed) childhood fantasies of your fairytale wedding would have somewhat prepared you by now in regard to your bridal look goals. Unfortunately, as you’ve probably come to realize, teenage-you really should have been more specific than ‘unique’ and ‘gloriously beautiful’. Damn it.

Every soon-to-be bride struggles with wanting to dazzle, express her identity and simultaneously pay homage to her roots through her wedding dress. It’s a tricky balance to achieve. Fortunately, it’s not entirely impossible, and these three gorgeous brides are here to back us up! Presenting to you three stunning, millennial Indian brides who perfectly embraced tradition but combined it with their own hatke style. Their unique bridal looks have not only garnered them viral-worthy attention but also, a cult-esque social media following overnight! Check out these desi fashionistas on their bridal A-game:

1. The Floral Kaleeras Pioneer

Kaleeras are undeniably one of the most darling adornments worn by an Indian bride. When it comes to wedding accessories, not only are these wee trinkets the epitome of tradition, they also add a wonderful grace to a dulhan’s mien. However, when the bride in question happens to be ex-Miss India USA, Natasha Arora, well, there’s undoubtedly a sui generis twist to be expected, isn’t that so?

On her special day, Arora opted for a subtle sophistication with a pastel pink lehenga. But the highlight of her wedding finery were her oh-so-lovely floral kaleeras. Decked in her real-life floral arrangement, Arora looked like a charming, woodland-fairy princess sprung from the blossoms. I mean, look at her, does she not look simply magical?

2. The Lehenga That Bears A Love Story

At the end of the day, weddings are a celebration of romance. And there probably isn’t anything as romantic as wearing your love story on your actual wedding lehenga! Yes, some couples manage to relate their love story with a cute yet clichéd pre-wedding video depicting a montage of ‘candid’ pictures from a couple’s dating years. But celebrated South Indian actress, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, decided to pave her own path by embroidering her love sage on her lehenga itself! The Mersal actress had her lehenga custom designed by Koësch designer, Krésha Bajaj, who actually pioneered this trend when she took on the mammoth task of stitching her own love story on her wedding dress in 2016.

Additionally, it wasn’t just Samantha’s wedding lehenga but also her engagement sari that had snippets of her love story, with South actor Naga Chaitanya, woven into the silk. Here’s a teensy glimpse of this oh-so-romantic couture…

Isn’t that just adorable? Like, we can’t even…

3. Because Dogs Are A (Wo)Man’s Best Friend

Wedding days are a momentous occasion, not only for the bride and groom-to-be, but also for their family and best friends – of human and animal variety! If you’ve never owned a pet, the pure love and friendship shared by human beings and their pets probably confounds you. But take it from us, that tear-jerker Marley & Me was no lie. Pets are like best friends, or even children – they’re part of your family. And can one truly enjoy their special day without their family dressed in finery beside them? We didn’t think so!

So did this Indian bride, Mitali, whose love for her hound-BFF Pantu (isn’t that name just precious?) is evident in her wetting attire. When Mitali customized her gorgeous multi-colored lehenga of iridescent peach silk with vibrant blue and pink embroidery, she made a novel decision. This desi bride also decided to simultaneously tailor a coat for little Pantu using the fabric of her very own wedding lehenga! And just see how adorable the end result looks. Confess! You teared up a teensy bit at this picture of soul-crushingly beautiful friendship as well, didn’t you? We know we did.

Weren’t these Indian brides truly dazzling? Not only did they uphold tradition, they also stayed true to themselves and the one’s they loved. Wedding lehengas aren’t simply once-in-a-lifetime-wear outfits. They are the frame to your beauty, the keepsake for your joy, and the cloth that reflects the woman you are in love. So, let her out. After all, it’s her big day.

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