First Love: Do You Ever Really Get Over Your First Love?

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Firsts are always special. Your first day at school, your first day in college, the first time you won a prize, the first time you fell in love, your first kiss, and the list goes on. Among all these firsts, your first love is something that you’re unlikely to forget. It is the first time you ever developed feelings for someone and your mind and body felt the attraction to another person. Quite a special feeling, isn’t it? Today, most of the kids have a boyfriend or girlfriend right from kindergarten. But if you’re a millennial, like me, you probably tasted love for the first time when you were in high school.

If you try to recollect, you will be able to make out the difference in your personality before you fell in love and after you met a special someone. It’s like your perception of the whole world changed in just a few days. Until you fell in love, all you cared about was your family and your friends. Life was more about finishing the homework on time and running off to the grounds to meet your friends. You had dolls, fairy tales, stuffed toys, and everything pretty in your room. But once you fall in love, you start collecting items that connected you closer to the idea of “love.”

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The girl who watched Barbie movies and read Cinderella story would suddenly start to watch the Titanic and cry buckets when the lovers are separated by the cruel fate. You may not have noticed that you were going through a big change at the time. You may not have realized how puberty and your first love were best friends of sorts. However, if you think about it now, it all makes sense, right? You lost focus on your studies while you were constantly thinking about your love. You dreamed more and slept less at night. You always wanted to be around your love even if they weren’t in love with you. But if they were, then it was probably the best feeling ever.

First Love Comes With First Heartbreak

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Lucky beyond words are those people who end up with their first love forever. But, as we know it, in today’s age, it’s something that can be equated to a miracle. Nobody ever really wants to sacrifice their future or their temporary joys for the longevity of a relationship. Most people today are okay with moving on if they think their goals in life cannot accommodate that of their partner. Most first loves break up because one of them is going to a different city for college, or has completely different aspirations in their life, which their partner can’t agree with.

Also, like any other relationship, there is a chance of lack of loyalty and getting bored of one another even if it’s the first relationship. You were probably at an age when you wanted to explore more and meet other people. And if you are an Indian kid, angry and over-protective parents can also become a reason for your first breakup.

First breakups are never easy. You may feel that your whole life has ended and you start rebelling against everyone and everything in your life as a sign of protest. It is probably the most terrifying pain you ever experienced because you never went through anything that deep before. The thought of never being able to be with your partner like before or never getting to see them again will kill you every day. But as they say, time heals. And you know what? Love heals too.

Moving On With Smiles

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You may take months or years to move on from your first love, but when the right person comes along, you will be happy and you will be open to love again. However, there will be nights when you are alone and you drift back into your memories and you’ll see his/her face. You might feel sad, happy, or even numb. But, they’ll always be there in a dusty corner of your heart.

This is why whenever you listen to a song that you can associate with your first love, or get the smell of his/her perfume from elsewhere, memories come rushing back. And it’s okay, because we all have a past. It’s up to you if you want to remember that past as a painful one or a memory that is beautiful enough to be treasured forever.

Always remember that not being able to forget your first love doesn’t mean that you aren’t loyal to your current partner. There are chances that they might remember their first love too and it’s almost a universal feeling. Do you still remember your first love? What do you think is so special about first loves that make them impossible to forget? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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