10 Must-Have Candid Shots For Your Wedding

by Shivani K

Weddings in India are a huge affair. Though marriage is considered to be a bond between two individuals, in India, it’s considered as a marriage between two families. Or let us put it this way, marriage is nothing but a grand social celebration that announces the coming together of two individuals and their respective families, friends, friends of friends, and probably even their foes.

But, one important aspect of the marriage is wedding photography. Right from clicking pictures of the bride and groom in a hundred different angles to capturing awkward pictures of the guests digging into the delicious food, all of it is an essential part of the wedding photographs.

But hey, it’s your wedding right? Everybody wishes to have a set of perfect pictures clicked of them on their big day. Every couple wants their picture to speak volumes about their love story. Because pictures make for an everlasting memory. In today’s time, every wedding has its own personal touch and customizations. Candid photography is one such latest inclusion in almost all the weddings now. So, we’ve put together a list of candid poses which you and your partner can master on your wedding day to freeze the memorable moments. Here’s a list of pictures that you should vow to pose for-

1. The ‘Uthalo Dulhan Ko’ Picture

If you are confident about carrying your bride in your arms, just do it. Her giggle at your bold move is all that is required to make the best candid moment. And if it gets captured at the right moment, go ahead and frame it. You’ll have a wedding story to share with everybody for the rest of your life.

2. The ‘Kiss On The Forehead’ Picture



This kind gesture is not just an act of affection and love. It also means that you respect the person and that you will take care of him/her for the rest of your life. Don’t simply pose for the camera. Kiss them on the forehead with utmost genuineness. Do it with love and not like you were asked to do it. We’re sure it’s going to reflect in the photograph too. And don’t forget about the popular belief that a kiss on the forehead is a gesture that tells everybody that the person is yours forever.

3. The ‘Look Into My Eyes’ Picture

When you look into your partner’s eyes and smile from ear to ear, make sure that the moment is captured by your photographer. It will surely be a picture that speaks about your love as a couple. This can be considered as the oldest candid photography pose ever.

4. The ‘Hand-In-hand During The Wedding Ceremonies’ Picture



Indian weddings have a lot of ceremonies and rituals that need to be carried out. You could ask your photographer to click a candid shot whenever you and your partner are sitting at the mandap, hand-in-hand performing a wedding ritual. You can ask the photographer to click a beautiful picture of both you and your partner’s hands together. The mehendi covered hands with the shaadi backdrop will make for a perfect frame. Not to forget the wedding rings that you both are wearing. It will surely be a picture that captures the essence of the wedding by incorporating so many elements in one single frame.

5. The ‘Bride Getting Decked Up’ Picture

It’s very important for every bride to look like a dream on her wedding day. And it’s no joke alright! There’s a lot of effort that goes into ensuring that everybody in the hall is swooned by the bride’s looks. Having some candid shots taken while the bride is getting ready for her big day along with her bridesmaids will make for a beautiful album that will take you down the memory lane every time you open it.

6. The ‘Bridal Trousseau’ Picture

As Indians, we bargain for everything — from vegetables to a flat screen television. But, when it comes to weddings, especially the bridal attire, we generally go overboard with our budget. So, why not click a picture of you standing beside your bridal trousseau? We’re sure you’ve seen such pictures of other brides on social media, especially on Instagram. So go ahead and click a picture of you and your bridal dress, because it’s that dress that is going to help you look stunning on your D-day.

7. The ‘First Dance’ Picture

This one is surely something that we’ve picked up from western weddings. Most of the weddings these days have the first dance ceremony. It’s a ceremony where the bride and the groom have their first dance as the official Mr. and Mrs.

Posing for the shutterbugs during this intimate moment might not really be your first instinct, but make sure your photographer knows that this is an important moment for you.

8. The ‘First Step Together’ Picture

This picture can be clicked in more than just one way. It all depends on your photographer’s creativity as to when he clicks the shutter of his camera. It’s a picture where the couple is taking a step together, could be while walking into the reception hall or just getting out of the mandap after being hitched.

9. The ‘Candid Moment’ Picture

This could be any candid moment that is captured between the couple. It could be a picture clicked when the groom whispers something into the bride’s ears and she laughs or it could be a picture of him helping her with her lehenga. It could even be a picture of them looking at each other while performing a wedding ritual. It could be anything of those sorts.

10. The ‘Exit’ Picture

It’s that moment when the bride bids farewell to her family and leaves along with her husband. It will be a picture that will frame the first steps of the couple as they march towards a new phase of their life. This picture will signal the end of the wedding and mark the beginning of a new journey.

We will surely remember each and every special moment of our weddings forever. But there’s something about having framed memories in the form of photographs. It’s a way of showing what your memories look like to others. To all the beautiful brides-to-be and handsome grooms-to-be out there, go ahead and make sure you have plenty of candid pictures on your D-day.

Are you getting married? What are the candid shots that you would like to have on your wedding day? Do let us know in the comments below.

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