9 Times Celebrities Surprised Us With Unusual Skills

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Many of us wish we had a unique ability or talent. Superhero movies like Superman, X-Men, and others are so popular because they let us indulge in our superpower fantasies. Even while we can’t melt steel with a single glance or change the weather, some of us are blessed with secret abilities. They might not help us save humanity, but they are sure entertaining and good for impressing the crowd. While we conceal talents like creativity, dancing, and singing until the moment to shine, here are some hidden talents in well-known celebs that we could have never guessed. Read on to see how many you had known previously.

1. Keira Knightley’s Teeth Can Make Music

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We bet you did not see that coming! Keira Knightley has taken on various roles throughout the years, from historical dramas to contemporary dramas. On an episode of The Graham Norton Show, she disclosed a secret ability that she had been hiding from the public for a long time. Knightley can play her teeth better than any other famous musician, even those adept at playing the guitar, violin, or even the harmonica.

2. Angelina Jolie Is A Pro At Knife Throwing And Flying

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Aren’t we all familiar with Angelina Jolie’s humanitarian work, in which she leverages her fame to benefit people throughout the world? As a child, Jolie was fascinated by blades, and on an episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien, she demonstrated her skills with a butterfly knife. On top of all that, she’s a skilled knife thrower, thanks to her work on the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider set. Jolie is also a licensed pilot who enjoys taking to the skies.

3. Neil Patrick Harris Is A Talented Magician

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Neil Patrick Harris has been on TV many times, but his appearance on The Ellen Show with Ellen DeGeneres was particularly memorable. Aside from appearing on television and in films, magic has become a lifelong hobby for him. A quote from him: “I enjoy magic because it offers an opportunity to perform something that people believe is otherworldly, something they don’t usually see, or can’t ordinarily figure out in their daily lives.”

4. Harrison Ford Is A Rescue Pilot

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Harrison Ford epitomizes the Indiana Jones persona he is most known for in the movies. Throughout his 40-year career as a pilot, he has successfully emergency crash-landed more than once and taken part in several rescue operations. Ford has made excellent use of his piloting abilities and even gave his time to help put out wildfires in the area. When a 13-year-old child went lost in Yellowstone National Park in 2001, he located and rescued him. Ford flew in to help locate Cody Clawson, who had been gone for 19 hours by the time he arrived on the scene.

5. Mark Ruffalo Rides Unicycle

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On The Graham Norton Show, Ruffalo revealed that he learned to unicycle when he was 12 years old. Moreover, this amicable actor demonstrated his abilities by riding not one but two unicycles, albeit he did fall off the second one.

6. Conan O’Brien Can Tap Dance

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Conan O’Brien had some lofty aspirations outside his work as a talk show presenter in his youth. He aspired to the world of show business and supposedly thought that tap dancing would get him there. O’Brien and Sean Giambrone shared a fondness for tap dancing on his program, even though O’Brien confessed two years later that he had given it up.

7. Taylor Lautner Has A Black Belt In The Martial Arts

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The Twilight movies made Taylor Lautner famous for his role as Jacob Black, a shape-shifter. But not all of Taylor’s movements in the films were computer-generated. Since he was a kid, Lautner has been involved in martial arts. Despite his portrayal as a juvenile football coach in Home Team, the actor has extensive expertise in child sports. When Lautner was six years old, he began practicing extreme martial arts, which he described as a blend of classical karate and gymnastics, on The Jonathan Ross Show in 2018.

8. Meghan Markle Is An Excellent Calligrapher

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According to Meghan Markle, she spent around six years at an all-girls Catholic school where pupils took penmanship instruction. Cursive writing has always been her strong suit. When she was auditioning, it turned into her “pseudo-waitressing” job. The invitations for Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s wedding have calligraphy done by her. Dolce & Gabbana’s celebrity letters around the holidays used to be her favorite things to do.

9. Bruce Willis Plays The Harmonica

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When Bruce Willis isn’t just there to rescue damsels in distress in action films, he’s a talented harmonica player. As a Loose Goose R&B band member, Willis tried to become renowned by playing the harmonica. In addition, Willis recorded a music CD called The Return Of Bruno, on which he sang his heart out, years before his most renowned franchise, Die Hard. He continues to tour with bands, still playing the harmonica.

So now that you know how talented these celebs are beside their acting skills, we sure have more respect for them! Do you know a celebrity whose hidden talent surprised you? Let us know in the comments section!

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