9 Characteristics Of A ‘Bad’ Girl According To Bollywood

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If you are a 90’s kid who grew up watching stereotypical Bollywood movies, you have our sincere condolences (sorry!). Sadly, we are a generation familiar with the glorification of ‘good girl’ traits in movies. The toxic demarcation is probably what urged the rebels in us to come out and fight for a change. The B-town, for the longest time, endorsed gender stereotypes; and entertainment meant seeing a damsel in distress being saved by the hero (cringe). Thankfully, we no longer have to see or follow these rotten beliefs of what makes a girl good or bad. But pick any movie from the past, and they will flush your cheeks with anger at how they portray ‘bad women’. It will be super cringe (our apologies), so try to take deep breaths as we share the old age Bollywood standard qualities of a bad girl. Read on to know them all!

1. Miss ‘Drinks A Lot’

How to make a woman go from ‘sanskari’ to ‘asanskari’ in one minute? Simple, just place a glass of wine in her hands! (Tauba Tauba). Bollywood has always believed that any girl who parties, hangs out, drinks and breaths the way she wants is a ‘bad’ girl. So basically, if you were to be the good girl character, you would have to wear simple ethnic wear, talk when you are asked to, and never mention alcohol!

2. Stands Up For Herself

She has a spine and speaks for herself? How dare she! Sadly by Bollywood logic, you are a bad girl if you don’t take bullshit from everyone. So a good girl listens to all her elders, obeys every command, and keeps questions at bay. Being inquisitive is fine if you keep it to yourself and don’t bother ‘elders’ with it. See? It’s easy!

3. Not Sanskari

If you are new to the Bollywood definition of a sanskari lady, it’s all about being super meek and docile. So maintain the jhuki nazar, and say yes to every torture you encounter. It also excludes wearing clothes of your choice, following your passion, or having a career!

4. Being Successful

Okay, so success is not the problem, as long as you are a doll in the house, managing everything and staying mum. If you consider success as following your career and being a go-getter, then you don’t qualify as a Bollywood standard good girl.

5. Too Much Independence

Not all families like to cage their daughters and make them ideal ‘bahu’ materials, which creates problems in manufacturing ‘good’ girls. If the family lets her be, lets her experience what she wants to, and is rational in her upbringing, it will create a rift among other girls who will want a life too!

6. Clothes Of Her Choice

Let’s save time and accept that western clothes are bad; ethnic is sanskari. So miniskirts, jeans, and heavy makeup are all bad. But if your tummy shows in a saree, it’s okay.

7. She Has Lovers

It’s not just that she is not allowed to like guys; it’s also a problem if guys like her. Plural is always trouble when throwing dirt on the good girl’s name. You want to be a good girl and be invisible to boys so they can’t see or like you.

8. Active Dating Life

A woman who chooses the person she wants to marry is already bad, let alone dating a few of them. ‘Purity’ of women before marriage is something that concerns everyone, so you can’t mention the D-word if you are a goody goody girl. Also, it’s always a woman’s fault. She gets kidnaped; it’s her fault. She is stuck in an unhappy marriage, her fault. Her husband is having an affair; it’s her fault for not being able to attract him enough.

9. She Behaves Like A Man

So, to sum up, the common factor is that men can drink, be rowdy, wear clothes of their choice, and work where they want to, but they are still studs according to Bollywood criteria. But God forbid that a girl is seen following these. So, if she lusts, has desires, or even makes the first move, she is a baaad girl who wants to ‘trap’ innocent men in her ‘Pyaar ka jaal.’ So girls, you basically need to kill your dreams and be a good Bollywood standard woman.

We know it’s super cringing to even read this and realize that this was followed and glorified for the longest time in the entertainment industry. It’s a mystery how people cherished these norms as the characteristics of a good girl. Thankfully, even Bollywood has shifted with the changing times, and a more realistic image of a woman is shown. It’s important to know that no character trait or behavior can term you as a good or bad girl. It’s time we stop glorifying toxic qualities like not standing up for yourself or following something you are not at par with. So, that being said, which Bollywood movie throws you by surprise with the perception of evil women characters? Let us know in the comments section!

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