How To Deal With Getting Cold Feet On Your Wedding Day

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When you think about weddings, the images of a happy couple, dancing family members, and festive decoration come to your mind. But, you don’t know much about what’s happening behind the curtains until you’re married or if you were actively involved in a relative or a friend’s wedding. Weddings are really exhausting and require a lot of hard work from the bride and groom to every other person in charge of arranging things for the big day. If you’re a bride to be, there are many things that you worry about. What if the wedding doesn’t go right? What if something unforeseen happens? What if I trip and fall while walking down the aisle? The train of questions is longer than your dupatta, isn’t it? If there’s a leader for all these problems, we will have to give it to “getting cold feet.” This is because it happens very often to brides and it turns the most beautiful day of your life to the worst one ever.

Getting cold feet happens because of all the anticipation and nervousness that you really cannot cover with your makeup. You feel like throwing up, losing consciousness, or might want to scream into a pillow. And, it’s okay if you feel so because it’s very natural. However, we don’t want you to experience it, which is why we’ve got you these tips that will help you deal with getting cold feet.

1. Active Communication With Your Partner

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One of the major reasons why you get cold feet during your wedding is the thought of having to spend the rest of your life with one person. This person is going to play a very important role in your life and you should be sure about him/her. Just to know that you’re sure, communicating with your partner is a must. Every time you feel that you’re worried, just talk to your partner and you’ll realize that you’re sure about the wedding.

2. Meditation

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Meditation helps any day. If you’re going paranoid about your wedding, get inside a room and ask your relatives and photographers for some space (your best friend or sibling is allowed though). Now close your eyes and concentrate only on your breathing. Just keep doing it for ten minutes, and when you’re done, have some water. You’ll feel much more relaxed.

3. Keep Your Closest Confidant Close

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To make things better, talk to your best friend, sibling, uncle/aunt, or parent (whoever you trust the most). And, if your closest confidant isn’t physically present for your wedding, get them on a call or video call (thank you technology). They will help you calm yourself down and might even crack jokes that will divert your attention from all the nervousness.

4. Pamper Yourself

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Like we said earlier, weddings are very exhausting. You might not have gotten time to relax or even sleep properly during the days before your wedding. Make sure that this doesn’t really happen. A sleepless, tired bride/groom is always at the risk of becoming cranky or getting attacked by emotions. This makes you more vulnerable towards the cold feet incident. So, get in the tub and take that bubble bath after a hectic day planning the wedding. Also, go to the spa and get a good body massage if needed. And for a few days, you can skip your diet and feed on some cake or sweets if you want to.

5. Make Time For Your Hobbies

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Yes, we know that you’re getting married in a few days and this doesn’t make any sense at all. Well, actually it does. If you are someone who gets nervous a lot, try to find time for your hobbies like cooking, gardening, or singing. Try to make at least a small portion of your day like a regular day in your life. This will lighten up your mood and also keep you away from sitting idle and thinking too much about your wedding and relationship.

6. Listen To Music

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Music really helps! Make a playlist of all the songs and instrumental music that you find relaxing and save it on your phone. This will come handy whenever you’re worried about the wedding or if you go cold feet on your wedding day.

7. Stay In The Present

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This is one of the best things that you can do on your wedding day until the wedding is done. Focus on your jewelry, clothes, makeup, the details of your look. Talk to the people around you and NEVER THINK TOO MUCH! Stay in the present and everything will go fine.

8. Seek Professional Help If Needed

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If you’ve had anxiety problems in the past, you may want to get professional help when you feel cold feet. Get your counselor on call and talk to them if none of the above things work for you.

Even after trying everything, if you have a bad feeling about the wedding and you can’t stop feeling bad, you may want to re-think your decision. Trust us, you shouldn’t get on with the wedding if you keep crying, or you’re scared of the relationship, or if you’re too uncomfortable with it. If you’re not sure, give it the benefit of doubt and postpone the wedding. But, if you’re just feeling nervous and you love the person you’re going to get married to, know that it’s normal and you can deal with it.

Did you go cold feet on your wedding day? How did you overcome the situation? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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