12 Common Clothing Mistakes You Might Be Guilty Of Making

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Many of us dress up depending on our mood, or the occasion. Even though there are several how-to-dress blogs and videos out there, we all make at least one rookie mistake when it comes to dressing from time to time. Perhaps we are too careless to notice the error, or too oblivious to care about it. If you want to know the common errors most people make with their wardrobe choices, we have a list of them. Read on to know them all.

1. Not Accessorizing Your Clothes

Not Accessorizing Your Clothes
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If you’re trying to tone down the brightness of your clothes, you may try on a black head gear or a bright red purse. Using a belt to define your waist line and keeping your shirt tucked in is one option. If you don’t like belts and don’t want to draw attention to your waist, you may create line breaks in your outfit by leaving your shirt unbuttoned. This technique will make you appear thinner. Get a shirt in a hue similar to your pants if you want to pull off this look successfully.

2. Wearing A Skirt With A Loose Shirt

Wearing A Skirt With A Loose Shirt
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Wearing a baggy jumper might make you look shorter in the legs and torso. To avoid looking short, all you have to do is lift the jumper with a belt to create the illusion of a longer torso.

3. You Don’t Wash Your Jeans Too Often

You Don't Wash Your Jeans Too Often
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It’s not a good idea to seldom wash your clothes  or in the incorrect method, but it’s also not good to let them get dirty. For instance, 100% cotton pants stretch because the fibers loosen up as you wear them. Washing up regularly might help avoid this. Denim may be shrunk by washing it in hot water.

4. Pulling Your Shirt Down To Hide Tummy

Pulling Your Shirt Down To Hide Tummy
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If you pull your top down too much, it might make your body look like it’s in two different sizes. This is especially the case when the top and bottom layers are different colors from one another. Put on a jumper or jacket with the buttons undone and tuck the shirt inside the skirt.

5. Not Wearing Your Bra Right

Not Wearing Your Bra Right
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If the back of your bra is creeping up near your shoulder blades, you might be wearing the wrong bra. Shoulder and back discomfort may develop if adequate support is lacking. Get a bra with a shoulder band that stays horizontal by getting measured properly and then purchasing the appropriate bra.

6. Hiding Your Waist, Wrist, And Neck

Hiding Your Waist, Wrist, And Neck
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As we put on weight, it’s natural to desire to hide under layers of clothing. But we shouldn’t go around hiding our waist, necks, or ankles. They are the key components that help us project an image of slim femininity.

7. Wearing A Shirt That Is Too Tight

Wearing A Shirt That Is Too Tight
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Aiming for a polished appearance by donning a snug shirt might give way to unsightly buttonhole gaps. If a button comes undone, it can cause discomfort, difficulty breathing, and humiliation. When buttoned, the shirt should hang flat and straight, with no space between the buttons. It’s also possible to disguise the buttons by going with a more relaxed fit, by adding a button, or by stitching along the seams.

8. Not Wearing Monochrome Clothes

Not Wearing Monochrome Clothes
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People tend to shy away from monochrome ensembles because they think they are too plain and dull. To broaden your overall appearance, wear a bottom that stands out.. If you’re going for a skirt, be sure you tuck the top in so that your waistline looks thinner.

9. Shorts That Keep Rolling Up

Shorts That Keep Rolling Up
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Bothered by riding shorts and having to continually pull them down? That might be awkward and reveal more flesh than you want to. Do several squats in the desired shorts to make sure the length is right for you before you buy them.

10. Wearing Vertical Lines

Wearing Vertical Lines
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You will appear thinner if your vertical dimension is increased. Make sure your jacket is the proper length and just leave it open. The area surrounding the belly button shouldn’t have too many horizontal stripes.

11. Wearing High Heels Too Often

Wearing High Heels Too Often
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Wearing high heels or shoes with a pointed toe can cause deformities like hammertoes and corns. They can develop on the toes and other parts of the foot while wearing shoes with narrow toe boxes. Pain in the feet, knees, and back are all possible outcomes of wearing high heels. It’s best to shop for shoes late in the day when your feet have had a chance to swell from standing on hard surfaces all day. Your longest toe needs about a half-inch of room in the shoe’s toe box. If you need to be on your feet a lot, flats are preferable over high heels.

12. Wearing Double Denims Of The Same Color

Wearing Double Denims Of The Same Color
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Now that total denim looks are back in style, you may rock a denim shirt or jacket with your favorite pair of jeans. You needn’t pick the top and bottom halves based on color alone. The contrast between colors will make your overall appearance more interesting and dynamic.

No matter how many fashion blogs you read and influencers you follow, what you wear should be loved by you first. Make sure you wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. So, which of these fashion mistakes are you guilty of making? Let us know in the comments section!


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