6 Common Gray Hair Mistakes That Make You Older

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A couple of decades ago, graying of hair was believed to be a sign of old age, and people all over the world indulged in the monthly ritual of coloring their hair black. However, now people are open to the natural changes occurring to their hair and body and have accepted graying with grace. And we can’t deny, if worn well and taken care of, gray hair is the new blonde. However, even though graying might be a natural process for some, it is not always as lustrous and shiny as it appears on Tv. Here in this article, we have discussed some common mistakes people make with gray hair that make them look much older than they are. Read on to learn all about it.

1. You Are Not Using Hair Oils

1. You Are Not Using Hair Oils
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Just because your hair is graying doesn’t mean you are free from the duties of oiling your hair. Graying hair often cannot make do with the scalp oils alone. Hence it needs to be oiled additionally. You can try deep nourishing oils that suit your hair and keep oiling fixed to twice a week.

2. You Are Not Gentle With Your Hair

You Are Not Gentle With Your Hair
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The concern about one’s hair declines naturally with age. Ironically, most individuals care deeply about how their hair looks regardless of age. However, your hair does not develop youth magically as you get older. Instead, it weakens with time, necessitating ever-greater attention. Because of this, checking your hair care routine to ensure you’re not mistreating it is essential. So you need to be careful about repeating hairstyles as it can cause your hairline to recede. Also, switching to a silk pillow cover is a good option as it keeps hair friction to a minimum and will keep the glaze of your hair protected.

3. You Use Too Much Purple Shampoo

You Use Too Much Purple Shampoo
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If you’ve decided to go gray, you’ve probably already started using purple shampoo as your toner. But using purple shampoo too frequently may damage your hair and make it look worse. Hair that has turned yellowish or odd color can be neutralized by using a purple shampoo. Since no other shampoo can provide the same result, those with gray hair typically use purple shampoo for the long haul to maintain a healthy, natural sheen. However, if you’re going for a more natural appearance, using too much purple shampoo will make your hair look purplish. Also, daily usage of purple shampoo might cause the hair to seem artificial if you don’t dilute it with a gentler shampoo.

4. Forgetting To Prepare Your Hair Before Swimming

Forgetting To Prepare Your Hair Before Swimming
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Preparing your hair for swimming is always a good idea. There are a lot of contaminants in the water, and you shouldn’t let them touch your hair. In addition, hair care before a swim is essential due to chlorine in pools and sodium chloride on the beach. The most straightforward strategy to protect your gray hair from the harmful effects of chlorine is to treat it before swimming.

5. Not Using Filtered Water In The Shower

Not Using Filtered Water In The Shower
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You should think about filtering your bathwater for the same reasons you might prepare your head before swimming. It may seem backward to “prepare” your hair for the bath, but that’s your only choice. Hard water plus a whole lot of additional contaminants is what you encounter when you use your shower faucet most of the time. When you shampoo your locks with this water, you’re essentially submerging yourself in the pool, as these chemicals are only what you’re trying to avoid. Fortunately, this problem has a straightforward solution. To begin, switch to a showerhead that has an automated water filter. These shower heads help prevent the bath water from damaging your gray hair.

6. Drying Hair With A Towel

Drying Hair With A Towel
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To clarify, an ordinary cotton towel is damaging enough on normal hair, but it gets downright cruel on gray hair. Cotton towels should be thrown out after deciding to keep your gray hair. If you must use a towel to dry your hair, opt for a microfiber towel because it is less harsh. Using too much force when drying, even using a microfiber towel, might cause damage. The plopping method is effective for drying curly or wavy hair. However, any technique will suffice if you’re using a microfiber napkin and being gentle with your hair.

Keeping your hair natural without adding colors is a brave choice; nothing should convince you otherwise. Make sure you care for your hair and eat healthily to nourish it from within. So, what do you think of letting your hair gray naturally? Let us know in the comments section!

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