9 Common Hair Oiling Mistakes That We Are All Guilty Of Making

Written by Indrani Karmakar  • 

We all know the benefits of oiling our hair regularly, but unfortunately, most of us are guilty of waiting till our hair starts to resemble a haystack! The nourishing powers of hair oil are almost magical, and a single head massage can bring back the shine and luster of your hair. However, did you know that the way you massage your hair and the aftercare that follows the champi has a lot to do with how your hair will look after the oil treatment? Most of us are unsure about how to wash our hair once it is oiled, whether or not to tie it up, and what products to use after it is oiled. Doing this incorrectly may cause the shine to wear off and your hair to get brittle. Here are some common hair oil mistakes which prevent you from flaunting gorgeous hair, and how to correct them. Read on to know them all.

1. Combing Hair Immediately After Oiling


After applying oil to your hair, do not immediately comb through your hair with a narrow-toothed comb. Hair breakage and shedding mostly occur due to harsh combing on your hair. If you must comb your hair, begin at the ends and work your way up. Using this method, your hair would be free of tangles, and the oil would be uniformly distributed throughout your hair strands and scalp.

2. Washing Hair Too Soon


Try not to wash the oil off right immediately after your champi session. Allow it to sit for a bit since the oil needs time to reach your scalp. Your hair follicles will be nourished from the inside out if you allow them to soak in oil for a minimum of 3 hours (1).

3. Lying Down Immediately

Lying Down Immediately
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You may not realize it but oily residue may remain on your hair even after you’ve washed it. Your linens and garments might get stained if you don’t wash and dry your hair properly. After washing your oil-soaked hair, you should shampoo, condition, air dry, and wipe your hair strands till you are sure they have no oil residues that can stain your sheets.

4. Using Too Much Oil

Using Too Much Oil
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More is not always merrier, especially when it comes to hair oil. There’s no need to reapply oil once you’ve applied the required amount. If you use too much, you’ll also need to use too much shampoo. And your hair may go back to being deprived of its natural oils and hydration. Covering up your scalp with an appropriate amount of oil is good enough to keep your hair moisturized and healthy.

5. Tying Hair Too Tightly


Your hair is most vulnerable when it’s oiled (2). To avoid breaking your hair strands, you should try not to tie them up tightly. It can also lead to hair loss and split ends if you’re not careful. However, you can tie a loose bun if your hair is too long, but try to avoid tight braids and ponytails right after your hair is oiled.

6. Using A Towel To Dry Hair


If you’re not careful, using a towel might break your hair. Instead of using a towel, wrap your hair in a cotton T-shirt to ensure that the oil can seep deep into your hair. It’s safe for your hair and won’t damage it by tangling in the roots. You can also invest in kitchen towels and keep them separately for drying your hair.

7. Mixing Too Many Hair Products

Mixing Too Many Hair Products
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After oiling your hair, you should avoid using any additional hair products for at least 24 hours. If you use a lot of styling products that include chemicals, you may end up with hair that is brittle and dry. Do not combine other hair care products with hair oil until you are sure that it will work for your hair.

8. Massaging Too Much

Massaging Too Much
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Everybody enjoys a nice champi session, especially when done by Grandma! However, over-massaging oil on your scalp might be detrimental to your hair health (3). Hair massaged for an extended period may become brittle and lose its natural texture. This might lead to different knots and hair breakage.

9. Not Being Careful While Washing Hair


Oiling hair does not make it strong enough to withstand a wrestling match, so you need to be very careful as your hair roots are moist and easily susceptible to hair fall. Use a mild shampoo and warm water while washing it. Over shampooing is a typical mistake after oiling hair, and it may undo all of the good the oil does to your scalp. Also, if you apply too much oil, it will be difficult to undo, so use just as much to cover your scalp and pull the extra down the full length of your strands.

So, now that you know all the oiling mistakes you have been making, flaunting gorgeous and healthy hair won’t be an impossible task. Firstly, make sure you oil your hair twice a week and use an oil that suits your hair type. There are many options to go for, and you can also enhance the properties by infusing it with other ingredients. So, do you have any hair-oiling tricks that you would like to suggest? Let us know in the comments section. Have a good hair day!

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