8 Common Hair Removal Mistakes You Can Avoid

Written by Ravi Teja Tadimalla, Professional Certificate In Food, Nutrition & Health  • 

*Yo mama so hairy it takes a lawnmower to remove her hair*

You know, a lot of people start shaving even before they really need to. For instance, I started shaving when I was in my fourth grade (don’t ask me what happened after that).

Contrary to popular belief, removing your hair ain’t a walk in the park. There are rules to be followed, mistakes to be avoided, and miles to go before you sleep (wait, that last part doesn’t fit).

Given below is a list of the most common hair removal mistakes one can make. If there is any piece of advice I can give you, it would be this – avoid these mistakes at any cost. Duh!

1. You Share A Razor

Unless you are so broke that you can’t even afford a razor (and you are so hairy that people can’t even afford to see you), don’t share one.

I am being quite serious here.

Sharing a razor or even using a dirty one (both probably mean the same) can cause a condition called folliculitis, where your hair follicles get infected.

Yikes! (Please say that again for effect. LOUDER!!)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Because this infection can even spread warts and herpes.

*I would rather remain hairy than share a razor*

2. You Overpluck Your Eyebrows

Let’s be honest, people. Plucking our eyebrows is one of our favourite pastimes (after Whatsapping andFacebooking, obviously).

Once or twice is okay. But anything beyond that can bring unwanted consequences. Repeated tweezing can damage your hair follicles in a nasty way. Your hair may not grow back at all, your eyes might look too close together, and the bridge of your nose might look much wider.

Seriously. Do you want all that?

3. You Don’t Use Shaving Cream

Either use shaving cream to remove your hair, or don’t remove your hair at all. Period.

Using shaving cream will help the razor glide smoothly, and also prevent skin irritation (if any) because of the razor.

A piece of free advice (only if you want it, though) – apply the shaving cream against the direction of hair growth. This will make the hair stand up straight, and help you get the closest shave.

4. Shaving (Or Waxing) Again, And Again, And Again, And..

Hold on right there.

Do you even understand what you are doing? I do agree that we all are tempted to grab a razor or rush straight into the spa with the mere sight of stubble. But hey, fight the urge.

Promise yourself to wait for four weeks in between your waxing sessions, so that the wax has enough hair to grab.

5. Shaving After A Hot Bath

This is a big NO. And let me tell you why.

Soaking in warm water makes your legs puff and swell. This can hide your hairs and keep you off from getting the smooth shave you want.

Now I don’t think that’s a wise proposition.

6. Missing That Spot

This, if you ask me, is the most embarrassing mistake that can be ever committed in the history of hair removal. You think you have properly shaved, and then someone discovers you have missed out on a patch of hair. And now you are questioning your very existence.

How embarrassing can that be!!

How can you avoid this? Post shaving, run your fingers over those areas that you are most likely to miss –knees, ankles, the bridge of your foot, etc.

7. Not Exfoliating Before Removing Your Hair

Believe me when I say that exfoliating is the best defence against ingrown hair. This is because it removes the dead skin cells built up on your skin, and reveals the fresh layer of skin underneath.

Exfoliate your skin using a gentle scrub before going ahead with the hair removal process. This gives you better access to your hair during the procedure.

8. Contorting Your Face While You Tweeze

Making faces is okay, but definitely not when you are tweezing your eyebrows standing before the mirror.

When you lift your eyebrows while tweezing, you are distorting their natural shape, and you might end up like God-Knows-What.

And the result? People will start making faces at you instead. Not needed, right?

So please avoid these grave blunders while removing your hair. ‘May you have a pleasant hair removing experience’ is the new ‘May the Force Be With You’!

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