6 Most Common Marriage Problems Faced By Married Couples

by Niharika Nayak

Marriage isn’t easy. It’s the bond shared between two people for the rest of their life (or at least the rest of the time they’re married). There are so many problems one encounters in the duration of a married relationship. Some are easy to overcome while others aren’t and some are worth fighting while some are red signals that you should take a clue from. Here are some of the most widely recognized marital issues most couples face and how to solve these issues before unsalvageable harm is caused to the relationship.

1. Infidelity


Infidelity isn’t just your partner sleeping with another person or making out with someone else, infidelity can be physical, emotional or sometimes, both. Many people think that someone having an emotional affair shouldn’t be on the same level as someone physically cheating on their partner, but it’s still not okay. Other things that still count as cheating are: internet relationships, one-night trysts and short/long term affairs. Infidelity is more common than one might think and it can occur for a variety of reasons. Many partners cite lack of action in the bedroom, emotional abuse, retaliation, rage and others as excuses for cheating on their partners. The sad reality of life is that this is a common issue that so many couples struggle with.

2. Values


Just like every other relationship, differences and differing opinions will rise in one’s marriage. However, a few differences are quite vital to ignore, like somebody’s core beliefs and core. One partner may follow a certain religion while another might not believe in god at all. One partner may follow a certain political ideology while another might have a more liberal mindset. This often gives rise to differences and disagreements in a marriage. They may even cause an emotional chasm to rise between the pair. As is obvious, your spouse may eventually get tired of constantly agreeing to your way and decide to do things separately. These types of marital problems are often commonplace when two people from different cultures decide to get married. Other differences between the pair include having different core values.

3. Life Arenas


Rather than setting age as a deadline for major life decisions like marriage, further education and more one should consider life arenas. Someone can be 25 and be in the same life arena as a 30 year old simply because they’re emotionally mature or more financially stable than the 30 year old. Being on the same page about what you want before you decide to tie the knot is an extremely important thing. This is a common problem faced by married couples that share a large age gap between each other. Personalities can often change as time moves on and wants and needs often change as well. Couples who might’ve been compatible at some point in life may not be compatible in the near future.

4. Traumatic Incidents


Traumatic incidents can put a major strain on a relationship. For couples, these sorts of incidents can sometimes put a couple in a make or break situation. This is also difficult when one is in a codependent relationship with their partner. They might not know how to function if their partner is in the hospital or has a family emergency that they need to attend to. Sometimes, one partner may require constant care and this can cause them to become extremely dependent on their partners.

5. Stress


This is a common problem in any relationship and many couples do go through it. Stress can take a major toll on the relationship you share with your spouse. There can be a variety of causes of stress. This could include financial, family problems, mental illnesses, and more. Sometimes these problems are interconnected (eg: financial issues because your partner may have lost their job) and stress can be triggered by many things.

6. Envy


Even if you both love each other as much as you do, it’s important to realize that you both are different and have your own ups and downs. Envy is never going to get you anywhere and instead of feeling envious, you should be proud of your partner for having something that you desire too. And when you acknowledge this, your partner will feel more valued and they will realize how their achievements and life in general is something that you admire. On the other hand, if you feel jealous of your partner and try to outrun them in any aspect, life would seem like a competition with you competing against your own teammate.

It’s okay to admit to having problems within your marriage. After all, nobody’s perfect and it’s okay to make mistakes every now and then. What would be helpful for your marriage is listening to your partner’s side of the story as well and perhaps opt to go for couple’s therapy. Do you agree with our list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below?

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Niharika Nayak

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