8 Common Wardrobe Malfunctions To Avoid At All Costs

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We all have experienced some kind of “oops” moment regarding our choice of outfits. Be it unpolished shoes, uncooperative zippers, unfortunate heel snaps, or loose sleeves. We face the embarrassment of having to correct them after every five minutes to avoid significant wardrobe malfunctions. However, if the issue is this common, there should be a possible solution to it, and there is! Here in this article are a few things you need to avoid with your clothes so you can move freely without stressing about your outfit. Read on!

1. Falling Off Loose Sleeves

Falling Off Loose Sleeves
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Wearing garments that are skin-tight might make you feel constricted or even suffocated. But it doesn’t imply we should go the other extreme and dress very loosely. Instead, we should select garments that are well-fitted and flattering to our individual shapes. Having your clothes tailor-made can also help them fit you better. For example, if you go for loose dresses, chances are your sleeves will fall off, and you will spend 90% of your day pulling them back in place.

2. Open Zipper

Open Zipper
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This is something every person dreads the most. If you wear clothes that are too fitted, chances are your zipper will roll down on its own. That may put you in a very uncomfortable and embarrassing situation. One way to save yourself from this is to wear a longer top so that even if your zipper is open, it won’t show. You can also tie a strong rubber band from your zipper to your button, so it doesn’t roll down.

3. Frayed Stockings

Frayed Stockings
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Wearing torn tights or pantyhose is a common fashion disaster that may be very annoying, given that tights tend to break no matter how experienced we are with them. Ripped tights aren’t only a nuisance; they may be deadly if they get snagged on something, and you get entangled in them. Now, thankfully, there are a plethora of alternatives for women looking for sturdy tights that are built to last.

4. A Broken Zipper

A Broken Zipper
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A zipper that opens on its own was bad enough, and now we have a broken zipper! Fixing a zipper on your own is never easy, so you need to invest in clothes with quality accessories and zippers that don’t let you down. And even if it does happen, you can tie a sweatshirt on the zipper and enjoy the rest of the day.

5. Inconveniently High Heels

Inconveniently High Heels
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You look great in heels, but you don’t need to get the highest ones to look good. High heels give us more height, lengthen the appearance of our legs, and emphasize our natural contours. However, despite their beauty, impractically high-heeled shoes are a real pain to wear for extended periods. Instead, find a heel that makes you feel good and can walk in comfortably.

6. A Very Long Dress

A Very Long Dress
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The lengthy gowns worn by princesses in stories sound dreamy but are really impractical when you think about it. Because of their length, they can be cumbersome to wear and easily soiled. To add insult to injury, there’s always the chance that your heels may get trapped in your skirt, which can be both annoying, dangerous, and humiliating. Get it tailored to your height for the best fit. Also, if you must wear a long dress, ensure you wear a neutral color, so it doesn’t show even if the bottom gets dirty.

7. Old Shoes

Old Shoes
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While it’s normal to want to wear a comfortable and well-loved pair of boots for as long as possible, it’s also vital to note that this can be a health risk. Foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back pain are just some places where you could feel the effects of wearing the wrong shoes. You should get a new pair of shoes if the ones you’re currently wearing are starting to show their age.

8. Visible Sweat Stains

Visible Sweat Stains
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Sweat marks under your arms show no matter what cloth material you wear. Unfortunately, those marks might make you seem unprepared and unprofessional. If you have to wear thick materials on a hot day, make sure you apply an antiperspirant or cut a piece of a pantyliner and place it on the cloth which will be placed under your arm. This will help soak the excess sweat and prevent it from showing.

So now that you know how to keep out from outfit mishaps, nothing can keep you from enjoying your day without worrying about your outfit. Ensure you carry your mini sewing set and safety pins to save the day with minor mishaps. So, which of these have you experienced? Let us know in the comments section.

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