10 Things You Do That Are Damaging Your Hair Without You Realizing It

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We are the generation who grew up reading – Rapunzel, let down your hair! But now that your hair is letting you down, big time, it’s time to open the gates of reality and review where you are going wrong with your hair care.

We know the heartbreak of hair fall even after caring for your hair with the best protein shampoos, gallons of conditioner, and static-free hair dryer. You might feel betrayed, but maybe, it’s the over-pampering and repeated hair mistakes that’s making your hair leave you too soon. Extreme care is never good, especially when it comes to your hair. Not knowing what is suitable for your hair type and experimenting with every trick in the world will get you nowhere. Here in this article, we have discussed some common mistakes people make with their hair that lead to poor hair quality. Read on!

1. Over Washing Your Hair

Over Washing Your Hair
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Hair washed more than once a week will get dry and lifeless. Unfortunately, the natural oils that make our hair healthy and shiny are washed away along with the excess dirt and grime when we wash it too frequently. Also, not washing hair might have detrimental effects too. For example, clogged pores on the scalp can lead to hair loss or slow hair development. Therefore it’s essential to keep our hair clean and avoid adding unnecessary oils.

2. Using Steamed Water For A Final Rinse

Using Steamed Water For A Final Rinse
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After a busy day, we all appreciate a steaming hot shower, but unfortunately, our hair does not. Hot showers have the same damaging impact on hair as blow dryers and curling irons. Our hair is stripped of its protective oils by the intense heat and steam, leaving it open to further damage. To clean your hair follicles and encourage growth, experts advise taking warm to hot showers. It is important to rinse with cold water after conditioning to prevent ingrown hairs and other irritations caused by open follicles.

3. Conditioning From The Roots

Conditioning From The Roots
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You must stay away from your roots when you’re conditioning your hair. It’s common for the pores on your scalp to become clogged up from using conditioner because of how thick and heavy they are. Ingrown hairs, follicular damage, and oil buildup are all outcomes of this condition. Your new baby hair is located near the crown of your head. The hair towards the ends of your hair is the oldest and driest. Thus it is essential to nourish that area.

4. Abrasive Drying Using A Bath Towel

Abrasive Drying Using A Bath Towel
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Towel-drying your hair is one of those mundane tasks you probably won’t give a second thought to. Everyone loves to relax in their favorite bathrobe and have their hair pulled back after a shower. While it may seem harmless, towel-drying hair can cause severe damage. Bringing a terry cloth towel back and forth through your hair causes split ends, hair loss, and other damage because of the fabric’s abrasive texture.

5. Using The Wrong Hairbrush

Using The Wrong Hairbrush
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It’s essential to use the right hairbrush for your hair type. Most of us pick the most beautiful hairbrush at the drugstore without giving it much thought, but the tool you use to prepare your hair significantly impacts the final result. For example, a paddle brush with boar bristle bristles is recommended for those with curly hair.

6. Not Using Heat Protectants

Not Using Heat Protectants
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You must apply a good heat protectant before utilizing a hair dryer on your hair. Damage and apparent dullness to your hair will persist without one. In addition, extreme heat always causes strands to dry out and crack. A protectant acts as a barrier, blocking the heat before it can damage your hair.

7. Sleeping On Cotton Pillowcases

Sleeping On Cotton Pillowcases
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Because of their porous nature, cotton pillowcases are notorious for soaking up the hydrating oils from your hair. Your hair and skin will suffer from dryness and breakage without these oils. Using a silk pillow cover can help reverse the effect and keep your hair from drying out.

8. Styling Your Hair In Tight Hairstyles Always

Styling Your Hair In Tight Hairstyles Always
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The current hairstyle trend is sleek ponytails and buns. Famous celebrities have been spotted in their trademark skin-tight top knots, including Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, & Selena Gomez. Unfortunately, these head-hugging styles promote hair loss and thinning by pressing the hair against the scalp.

9. Brushing Wet Hair

Brushing Wet Hair
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Due to its increased flexibility after a shower, damp hair is more prone to breaking.This is why it’s so important to let your hair air dry entirely before brushing it.Detangle the lower part of your hair using a wide tooth comb, paying particular attention to the ends and not the roots.

10. Being Out In The Sun

Being Out In The Sun
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The hair and skin feel the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. Excessive sun exposure can cause the hair to look scorched. It also dries out and loses its luster. Make sure you cover your hair with a hat or apply light sunscreen to your hair.

Despite your best efforts to keep your hair healthy and glossy, repeating these common mistakes can lead to dull and lifeless-looking hair. It is essential to review your hair care routine and perform a patch test on your hair care products before applying them to your whole skin. So, is there something you would like to add to our list? Let us know in the comments section!

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