12 Compliments Guys Secretly Love to Hear

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Have you ever complimented your man and felt like your appreciation gets lost in the oblivion before it could even reach them? Well, we feel you! Most men don’t react to compliments like we would want them to, but does that mean they don’t need to hear appreciation? No, siree! Men are like coconuts: they are hard on the outside, but soft on the inside. While they may present a gruff exterior and show that they don’t need to be showered with copious amounts of love, they need attention and care all the same. And most of them would love a daily dose of compliments! If you are not sure what your dear partner would like to hear, we are here to help! Here in this article are some compliments to shower on your man that will make their day!

1. “ I Love Your Sense Of Style!”

Believe it or not, most men dress to impress their special lady. And if you don’t notice it, it’ll break his heart. So the next time he comes to pick you up for that dinner date, check him out from head to toe, and be sure to tell him how hot he looks.

2. “Have You Been Working Out? You Look Great!”

Have You Been Working Out? You Look Great!
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If your man is working out, make an effort to tell him that it shows and that he’s looking better than ever. There’s nothing like making him feel good! Always appreciate him if he does something to take care of his body, including eating healthy and working out.

3. “I Feel Safe With You.”

Most men like to be knights in shining armor, and your man would love to be yours. So when you take a stroll with him on a cool, breezy night, tell him that you feel safe with him. That smile he is going to give you is going to be worth everything.

4. “You Smell Really Nice.”

You Smell Really Nice
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Many men spray the entire can of deo before a date. And ladies, let’s face it, no perfume or cologne can beat the powerful scent of his pheromones. Tell him how fresh and amazing he smells every time he meets you.

5. “You Are Adorable!”

Remember that crazy but totally adorable thing he did that made you fall head over heels in love with him? There’s no harm in telling how crazy yet super sweet he is! Reassuring him of his insecurities too once in a while can be a great confidence booster.

6. “Your Hair Looks Fabulous!”

Your Hair Looks Fabulous
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Don’t you see most men adjusting their hair every time they come across a reflective surface? If your guy comes on a date with a new haircut, make it a point to notice it and compliment him for it.

7. “You Are So Smart.”

Men like to know you are with them because you think they are smart. So don’t miss the opportunity to point out how much of a smarty pants he really is. Even if it is simple like fixing your phone or the cable, make him feel really smart by showering him with compliments at every opportunity.

8. “You Are Really Strong!”

You Are Really Strong!
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If the brain comes, can brawn be far behind? He would like nothing more than to be the Popeye to your Olive Oyl (even if you are actually stronger than him). Let him lift all your heavy shopping bags and squeeze his arm, telling him how strong he is! And of course, if he opens the pickle jar for you, make sure you tell him how strong he is!

9. “You Drive Really Well.”

You Drive Really Well
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Many men have confessed that being called the ‘best driver’ by their wives or girlfriends made them feel really good, even though it sounds like a really ordinary compliment, to begin with. If your man drives, make sure you tell him you really enjoy the rides when he takes the wheel.

10. “I Can Count On You For Everything.”

When your guy knows you can trust him with anything in the world, he not only feels good at having won your trust but your relationship improves too! Show your love by relying on him in times of need.

11. “I Love Your Sense Of Humor!”

I Love Your Sense Of Humor!
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Not that you are obligated to laugh at weird jokes, but if your man can make your belly ache with laughter, slip in a compliment about how funny he is as you catch your breath.

12. “I Love How You Look.”

From a charming toothy grin to eyes as deep as seas you can get lost in, if there’s a feature of his face that you love, let it be known to him.

Complimenting your man will definitely make him love you more. And you never know, he may just get the feeling to show his love in special ways! So if you have got a man, compliment him as much as you can.

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