How To Apply Concealer For Dark Circles

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Dark circles are nasty, right? They can totally ruin your look and make you a panda twin if you don’t get proper sleep for even one night. “Get the right beauty sleep” — they all say, but we know how difficult it is to grab at least a few hours of quality sleep amidst all the hustle and bustle that a modern woman goes through. And if you’re a working mom, dark circles are your best friends. There are many under-eye products that will help you keep the area healthy and you can also try DIY eye masks. But, even these can’t completely remove the aftereffects of your stress, poor sleep routine, and long hours of screen exposure. So, what do you do when you need to look fresh or attend a party on short notice? You seek help from your concealer, right?

Ah! The Concealer — this little magic wand is one of the most underrated items in the makeup world. We all know that a concealer is meant to conceal the imperfections on our skin. But do you know that it can do a lot more than that? Well, we aren’t going to give you any spoilers here, so you’ll have to scroll down and read for yourself about the various tips that can make you fall in love with your concealer.

1. The Inverted Triangle Application

The Inverted Triangle Application
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Have you ever put enough thought into the way you apply your concealer? Well, this matters a lot! Instead of just swiping the product from side to side under your eyes, draw an inverted triangle that narrows down to your cheeks. Once done, blend it well with the rest of your makeup. While the swiping makes your concealer to look like a tiny boat under your eyes, the inverted triangle method gives your makeup a much natural look.

2. Concealer As Eyelid Primer

Concealer As Eyelid Primer
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Using a primer is a must-do step before applying your eyeshadow. It keeps your eyeshadow intact, prevents creasing, and highlights its true color and shimmer. Instead of buying an expensive eyeshadow primer, you can use your concealer to get this job done. YES! Concealers are god sent. Just dab a bit of the product on your eyelids with your fingertips in order to get the base layer for your eyeshadow with precision.

3. Green Concealer To Cover Zits

Green Concealer To Cover Zits
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Since your zits are mostly red in color, it’s important to use a color correcting concealer which in this case, is a green one. Spot apply the concealer with a tiny brush and blend it slightly with a cotton swab. Be careful as to not spread the green concealer too wide. Now use a setting powder on your face and blend well to complete your perfect look.

4. Concealer To Highlight Eyelids

Concealer To Highlight Eyelids
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Divide your eyelid into three sections — the area right under your brow, the inner “V”, and the part just above your lashes. Now apply the concealer along these areas avoiding the middle part and slightly blend it. Your eyes will look brighter and more highlighted this way.

5. Color Correction Is Important

Color Correction Is Important
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You’ve already seen how we use a green concealer to cover reddish zits. The same way, for bluish dark circles, we use a pink or peach-toned concealer and for darker, brownish dark circles we use orange or yellow-toned concealer. This is just the base and once you apply the setting powder, it will completely look natural on your face.

6. Mix Concealer With Eye cream And Highlighter For Puffy Eyes

Mix Concealer With Eye cream And Highlighter For Puffy Eyes
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You heard it right. Mix a little bit of these products at the back of your palm and dab it onto the puffy area.

7. Concealer To Cover Up Eyeliner Mistakes

Concealer To Cover Up Eyeliner Mistakes
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Eyeliner gone wrong? If you wipe it and start over, remember that the whole of your base makeup is going to the trash too. Using a concealer with a sharp brush to cover up your eyeliner mistakes is a much better way to deal with the problem.

8. Concealer To Line Your Lips And Eyebrows

Concealer To Line Your Lips And Eyebrows
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Use your concealer to line your lips after applying your lipstick. You’ll be surprised how sharp your lips look after this trick. Also, your lipstick stays intact for a longer period with the concealer’s protective layer. The same rule applies to your brows as well.

9. Concealer To Plump Your Lips

Concealer To Plump Your Lips
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Start by filling a light concealer in the middle of your lips and then blend it out with your fingers or a brush. Use a colored or nude lip gloss over it to get the plump lips look.

10. Two Shades Of Concealer To Contour

Two Shades Of Concealer To Contour
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Apply the lighter shade of concealer on the areas of your face that catch light naturally (Eg: cheekbones and T-zone) and the darker shade of the product in the softer areas (Eg: forehead and jawline). Now blend this out and you’re done with the perfectly contoured face.

11. Concealer Trick To Highlight Your Collarbones

Concealer Trick To Highlight Your Collarbones
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Shrug your shoulders and use a light concealer to trace the natural lines of your collar bones. Now, highlight this line using a darker color (two shades darker than your skin tone) and blend it out for highlighted collar bones.

See! We told you, you can do so much more than just conceal with your concealer. Now go on and try these tricks if you’re heading out somewhere. Also, let us know if you liked this article or if you have any more concealer tips to share with us, in the comments section below.

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