6 Cosmetic Treatments That May Ruin Your Beauty

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You must have come across the phrase,’Beauty comes at a price’, and we can’t really deny it because we know how much each salon visit costs! But it also doesn’t mean that you can’t be pretty without undergoing invasive beauty treatments or surgery. While some beauty treatments have good reviews from regulars for being effective, most of them prove to be unnecessary and even detrimental to your skin and hair health. Here are some treatments that are rather common but do not help you in the long run. Read on to know them all!

1. Hair Straightening

Hair Straightening
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Popular hair treatments like keratin, lamination, and shielding that claim to smoothen the hair permanently only have cosmetic effects. No therapeutic benefit is produced by any of the mentioned components, and the effects often endure for up to two weeks only. The condition of your hair remains unchanged or worsens.


Loss of shine, increased thinning, and brittleness are common complaints from regular consumers. Formaldehyde is part of the products used, and the gas has harmful effects on the neurological system, digestive system, and mucous membranes.

Alternative Option:

You must use specialized straightening iron and thermal protection if you desire straight hair.

2. Perming

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There are a lot of gals who are crazy about bio perms (the permanent wave) and the term has just recently arrived. Hairstylists acknowledge, however, that it is still detrimental to the hair and that no natural remedy exists for the damage done by the chemicals. It turns out that a chemical solution is responsible for the incredibly voluminous hair. Be prepared for your hair to become brittle before it begins to grow again if you opt to go through with this treatment.


A bio-based perm may have drying effects on your hair and scalp. It is not advised to undergo this process if you have any minor hair problems (such as dandruff, irritation, brittle hairline, dry skin, etc.)

Alternative Option:

You may protect your hair from heat damage by using a hair curler, thermal protection, and a hairdryer with a specialized nozzle.

3. Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions
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Keep in mind that you run the risk of temporary or permanent eyelash loss if you have an allergic reaction to the adhesive used by aestheticians. Curling is not recommended because the risks associated with the use of chemical solutions are too great.


Eye infections like conjunctivitis are possible. Additionally, many customers report that the thickness of their eyelashes decreases. One to six months may pass throughout the recuperation phase.

Alternative Option:

You can use oils (such as castor or almond) and high-quality mascara. Use artificial lashes if you’re heading to a formal occasion, and a henna to color your natural lashes before a tropical vacation.

4. Gel Nail Polish

Gel Nail Polish
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Popular long-wear gel polishes often include formaldehyde, acetone, and phthalates, which can irritate the respiratory system and the mucous membranes, but few people give these chemicals a second thought.


Medical professionals caution against using gel polish for extended periods since it causes nails to become weak and brittle. Furthermore, if a nail technician utilizes anything that isn’t completely sanitary, they are putting their clients in danger of infection.

Alternative Option:

It’s suggested that you manage your own nail care. The nails of famous people (like Kate Middleton) are typically painted with clear polish or go without.

5. Fillers

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The most common method of achieving a trendy Instagram face is through filler injections. Yet, the risks associated with it are mostly unknown.


Lumps, bruising and solid nodules are the most typical adverse reactions to fillers. The skill of the aesthetician is crucial; for example, if a filler gets injected improperly, it will show through the skin. Bluish discoloration and lumps are common reactions to hyaluronic acid injections. Over time, you can develop an allergy to fillers, and in some people, hyaluronic acid injections cause erythema and edema.

Alternative Option:

Kylie Jenner also has opted to forego injections and has drained her lips of all their filler. It’s about time we established more conventional ideals for human anatomy.

6. Microblading

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Microblading is a specialized form of eyebrow tattooing in which the hairs are individually drawn by a professional artist to provide the impression of fuller, darker eyebrows that lasts for years.


Individual differences in how our skin accepts pigments mean that you should expect to lose a lot of the color in the first week. Microblading corrections can be done (but not for at least a month after the original session) by drawing on new eyebrows. Yet you still have to spend time every morning filling in blanks; it’s hardly a time saver.

Alternative Option:

There is also the option of using oils and specialized cosmetics to maintain the appearance of one’s eyebrows.

So now that you know how harmful these beauty treatments can be, it’s better to keep them to a minimum. So which of these are you a fan of? Let us know in the comments section!


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