13 Curious Features About Women That Are Irresistible To Men

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Did you ever find your man give you the ‘love struck’ awe stare while you were doing something regular like yawning, steering the ladle, or merely flipping over the pages of a book? Well, honestly, you never know what attracts men; once they are in love, everything you do is adorable to them. If you still want to take a closer look at the weirdest of the weird things you do that attract men, we at Stylecraze have it all! For starters, you don’t have to be near perfect to make yourself be noticed, especially with men! Their liking develops from the most bizarre of faults you can have. Go through these points to know what you might do that will make your man fall head over heels in love with you.

1. When You Are All Sweaty

When You Are All Sweaty
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Imagine walking out of the gym all sweaty, and then you meet the man of your dreams. While it can be a nightmare for you to be seen while you are drenched in sweat, it might attract the guy a lot! When you sweat, it distributes your feelings in the form of body odor, which is contagious (1). So the next time you plan on hiding behind the tree, you might as well say hi!

2. Infectious Laughter


Don’t have a good laugh? Well, as long as your laugh is genuine, your man is going to die for it. According to psychology, if you meet someone who makes you laugh sincerely, there is a good chance your relationship will be fruitful (2). So the more contagious your laughter is, the more your man will be attracted to you.

3. Wear Glasses

Wear Glasses
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If you have glasses but have been wearing contact lenses, it’s high time you put your frames back. Studies prove that men are more attracted to women with glasses than without them (3).

4. Light Tan Lines

Light Tan Lines
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If you have a slight tan line on your shoulder that resulted from wearing tank tops all summer, you may want to preserve the tan line. Men find tan lines really attractive, and it gives them something to think of other than your face!

5. Messy Hair


If you have been struggling to keep your hair in perfect order, you don’t have to worry anymore. Men are more attracted to natural hair that is a little frizzy, messy, and not perfect. It gives them something to push back behind your ears.

6. Makeup-Free Look

Makeup-Free Look
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This might vary from men to men, but about 40% of men like women with no makeup look (4). They go for minimal or no makeup and appreciate the natural look on your face.

7. A Little Tummy


This is by far our favorite one! Men like a slight bulge of tummy instead of a flat stomach. Women who have natural curves attract men more than those who are bone skinny.

8. Wearing A Man’s Shirt

Wearing A Man's Shirt
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You might have borrowed his hoodie, but now it’s time to try his shirt. Get his formal shirt out and pair it with your shorts. Do it when you both are relaxing at home, and he won’t be able to take his eyes off you.

9. Being Sweet To Toddlers

Being Sweet To Toddlers
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No matter where you go, being sweet to a toddler will always win your man’s heart. Even if your man is nowhere around, being seen around kids makes a man feel the high maternal instincts that make you twice more attractive than you are.

10. Good Taste In Music


While you both might not have the same playlist, make sure you share the songs you like to hear and play them out loud. This way, he will know more about you without you having to say things out loud. Also, make sure you hear his favorite songs and play them in the house too.

11. Taking Slow Sips

Taking Slow Sips
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Be it a date or just a coffee at home, make sure you take slow sips while you tilt your head and listen to him. Taking time to do things gives him time to watch you and play it numerous times in his head.

12. Drying Hair With Towel

Drying Hair With Towel
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Out of the weirdest things your men want to watch you do, the first in line is drying hair with a towel. You can take a millennium to dry your hair, but they will patiently watch the water bubble flying off and the way your hair springs back on after drying.

13. Wearing Red


If you ever asked him what color should you choose for the date, and he said something else, always make it red. He doesn’t know how amazing the color looks on you, and red makes your guy notice and remember you like no other!

So now you know what are the little things you do that make your man like you, even more, making them fall in love with you every single day won’t be a problem anymore! Make sure you are genuine to him and love him for his sincere affection. So, do you also have something your partner does that makes you fall in love with him instantly? Let us know in the comments below!

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