8 Curious Things Your Face Reveals About You

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Did you ever look at a person and try to judge them by their face? Well, as immoral as it feels to judge a book by its cover, physiognomy (1) can actually help you deliver facts and information about a person’s character. Appearance is actually the work of our lifestyle, genes, and hormones, and that is why you can mirror into a person’s soul just by looking at them. If you were wondering what facial features define your personality, we at Stylecraze made a list of things that will help you decide what looks says about a person. Read on to know them all!

1. The Shape Of Your Face

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It is now proven by science that there is a connection between the shape of your face and dominance (2). To know what your face shape says, measure the distance between your ears and eyes and your eyes to your lips. The ratio will show how high your chances are of succeeding in life. The lower the scores, the higher are the chances of succeeding.

2. High Cheekbones

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If high cheekbones have made you feel like a puppet, here is a big reason why you should love it. Men with high testosterone have thick and high cheekbones (3). This gets connected to dominance, rebel, and aggressiveness. This is why movies that require alpha male characters use rough facial features to make the hero evident.

3. Wrinkles

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Well, not that anyone ever welcomed wrinkles, but they betray more than just a person’s age. People use their facial muscles to frown, smile, cry, and even raise eyebrows. Crow’s feet speak optimistically about a person as it makes them believe you like to laugh a lot. At the same time, a crease on your forehead keeps people aloof from you as it makes people think you are too stern for a conversation.

4. The Better Side

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When you take a selfie, do you turn to a particular side for the photo? It is not a mere coincidence. Studies prove that mathematicians, chemists, and engineers face the right side in a picture; and artists, musicians, and psychologists turn to the left side. So it is not just a person’s face; you can even determine a person with a selfie too! It is also believed that women tilt to the left side more as their brain is controlled by the right side, which is responsible for emotions (4).

5. The Selfie Is A Tale


Even though this can’t be proven for sure, it is believed that the position from which people take selfies can lead to determining their personality. The lower you keep your camera, the friendlier and approachable you are. That explains why every father Dp is clicked at an angle where we can see their double chin! Also, people who take duck face selfies a lot have a lot hidden behind their trendy pictures.

6. The Size Of Your Nose

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You might find it really difficult to accept your nose as it is, but the larger your nose is, the better your chances are of succeeding in life. A more prominent nose is also a sign of perfectionist and ambitious people (5). So the next time you see a person with a different nose, the conversation starters would ask them about their dreams.

7. The Dorian Gray Effect

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Even when we don’t realize it, habits imprint on our faces and change our looks. If you study identical twins, they get more different looking with age (6). This is because of the different lifestyles they lead. If you get on a healthy diet, sleep on time, read good books and give ample exercise time, you will have a much friendlier face than a person who is a party animal and lives on unhealthy food.

8. Improper Hair Growth


We love healthy hair growth, provided it is on our heads! Sometimes you can judge more than just a person’s personality by looking at their facial features. For example, if you notice excessive hair growth in a woman in the form of a beard and mustache, it is a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) (7). It can harm more than just excessive hair growth and needs immediate attention. Next time you notice this, make sure you politely inform the woman to get it checked by a doctor in time.

So now that you know what a face speaks about the person, judging a person correctly shouldn’t be a problem. However, they are not absolutely accurate, and sometimes people who look like villains are the gentlest people of all. So we suggest always try to know more of a person before coming to conclusions, and never assume a person is odd just because the other person says so. Do you have any tricks to know how a person is from his looks? Let us know in the comments! Take care.

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