Desi Bride Did Belly Dance And Bhangra Wearing Choli And Jeans. People Are Going Crazy

by Shivani K

If asked, most of us would say that Indian weddings are the most celebrated festivals in the country. Because Indian weddings are just like that, even their preparations begin months in advance. Every minute detail about the wedding needs to be just right. There are vibrant colors everywhere in the form of decorations as well as the colorful attire worn by the attendees because Indian weddings are all about color and bling. Oh, and not to forget the great spread of food that is put for the guests to feast on. We could go on and on you know. Music, colors, foods, crowds, emotions — they all go into the making of the basic foundation of an Indian wedding. We’re sure that the preparations Oscar Academy Awards are nothing in front of a desi shaadi.

A Typical Indian Wedding



For a girl, her wedding is everything! It’s something that her parents have been dreaming of and preparing for, right from the time of her birth. In fact, it’s something she’s been asked to dream about and believe in, since the time she could even begin to understand things. It has been portrayed this way in the best of Bollywood weddings as well. And honestly, when a girl thinks of her wedding, she imagines herself as entering the wedding mandap that is decked up with fresh flowers. She thinks about her man sitting there waiting for her to come and sit next to him, and take the saat pheras with him. The pheras where they promise each other to take care of each other and their respective families for as long as the next seven lives.

Let’s summarize it here — it’s a typical scene from an Indian wedding where the bride enters, walking slowly to the tunes of the melodramatic music that is playing in the background and making her tear up. She is made to sit and perform all the rituals and while doing so she maintains a coy air around her. And then, in the end, she leaves with her husband teary-eyed, and bittersweet over the fact that she is now apart from her parents and her maternal home, though she has the love of her new husband.

Breaking The Stereotypes

Have you ever thought of dancing at your own wedding like no one is watching you? If we were asking this question 30 years back, you’d be saying, “No way!” But now it’s not the case, and you agree with this, don’t you? Times have changed now. Today’s millennial brides don’t believe in behaving like a shy Dulhan and being all poised at their own wedding. Women have been seen breaking stereotypes everywhere and are striving to simply be considered as an equal gender who can walk shoulder to shoulder with the men. So, how can weddings be untouched by this air of change, right? The Internet has been taken by storm with the videos of desi Indian brides dancing in their own weddings, having fun like no one else, because, why not, it’s their wedding after all.


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We came across a video of yet another Indian bride Rashika Yadav dancing in her bridal ensemble. But this bride was different from others. In her video, she is seen wearing her bridal choli and a pair of jeans with white sneakers. All dressed up in her wedding finery which includes the hoodie, this bride is seen grooving as she gets all geared up for her wedding. Rashika is seen dancing to a Punjabi singer Mankirt Aulakh’s song Kadar. And she is dancing like a pro. She is seen doing the perfect bhangra along with belly dancing and dabbing away in happiness. This video went viral after her wedding photographer put it up on Instagram. Within a span of just 20 hours of the video being shared on the social media platform, it garnered around 7000 likes and 4.3 lakh views worldwide.

What’s cuter are the comments left by other women on the post. One says, “That’s so cool! Just want to be like her on my wedding day,” another one chimes in, “Loving all the love on this video.” Radhika’s dancing moves were so good that the singer of the song himself reposted it on his personal Instagram account which got a whopping 34,000 likes in just one hour.

“You only get married once girls, don’t let anyone or anything take that away from you. I was absolutely not nervous at all. I had so, so much fun. I danced so much. Don’t stress too much about being the “Viral” bride- everybody wants that these days. I never planned this.”

This is what the bride had to say about her video going viral. She put up a beautiful post on her Instagram profile where she spoke about how she went about looking after her wedding preparation and at the same time made sure she had fun at her own wedding.

Now we all know that weddings shouldn’t be a festival that is enjoyed by the guests alone. It’s your D-day and you have every right to enjoy it in the way you want to. Have you done anything sassy to up the ante of fun at your wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

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