8 Differences Between Men And Women That Have A Surprising Explanation

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It is said, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. It may sound peculiar, but anyone who has tried to comprehend the thought process and working of a man and woman will know how different they are despite being the same species. Of course, there are visible physical differences between a man and a woman, but did you know scientific reasons follow them too? Here in this article, we will interest you with some explanations as to why men and women are molded differently by nature. Read on!

1. The Length Of Their Fingers

The Length Of Their Fingers
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If you are a woman, you might have flaunted your slender lady fingers and adorned them with rings. After all, a whole vegetable was named lady’s finger! For a woman, in most cases, the length of the index finger is longer than the ring finger. But for most men, the ring finger is longer than the index finger. Scientists have concluded that the finger length depends on the level of hormones that affects a fetus while still in the mother’s womb (1). So, the more testosterone you have, the longer your ring finger will be.

2. The Skin On Your Heels

The Skin On Your Heels
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As children age, their skin becomes rougher depending on their exposure to the environment. However, women’s skin is naturally more hydrated than men’s. The peculiar thing is a woman’s hand will be more hydrated than men’s, but her heels will be drier than a man’s heels. Strange, isn’t it? This is probably why cracked heels bother women more than men.

3. Breasts

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Breasts are an apparent difference between men and women, and some might even think, why do men even have nipples? But the truth behind it will startle you. Every person is initially a female in the womb, as the Y chromosomes don’t immediately take charge (2). So, the first few weeks are influenced by the X chromosomes. This is when the nipples appear. Later, if the Y chromosomes are present, the breasts stop developing. Also, it is believed that even men can produce milk, and the ones who do can be treated with the hormone prolactin (3).

4. Vision

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You have probably heard that women can see more colors than men, but it doesn’t end there. Men also have a blessing with vision. They can see fast-moving objects better than women. This is a skill that was improved during the hunting-gathering days. The men could track moving prey, and the women could see the berries and fruits they were collecting.

5. Gaining Muscle Mass

Gaining Muscle Mass
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This is something every woman will connect to. Women work twice as hard to tone their muscles or gain muscle mass compared to men. It’s unfair, we know it, but testosterone is to blame. Even though women also produce testosterone, it is in much lower quantities.

6. Hair Loss

Hair Loss
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Now, this will make women sit back and sip their tea. They don’t have to worry about balding after their 50s, which is too familiar for most men. The reason is primarily androgenetic alopecia, hereditary diseases like mate pattern baldness. This is when the hair thins and eventually disappears. The shortage of hair follicles can be brought about by dihydrotestosterone, a by-product of testosterone (4). That usually means that the more muscles, the more the chances of men balding. Sorry boys!

7. Adam’s Apple

Adam's Apple
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If you thought only men have Adam’s apple, you couldn’t be more mistaken. Both men and women have it, but it is more prominent in men. It is because Adam’s apple is the cartilage that guards the vocal cords, and the more prominent Adam’s apple, the deeper the voice (5).

8. Beard

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Thankfully a beard is for men, but did you think a beard is just for show and has no benefits? No Siree! Beard makes the jawline look more massive, making the man look more masculine. This is probably why they look years younger each time they shave.

Men and women are very different physically and mentally. However, the difference is what makes it worth living. Understanding the differences and finding the reasons is always interesting, and the more you dig, the more you realize that men and women are designed to complement each other like the yin and yang. So, which of these differences surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments section.

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