What Do Different Types Of Cuddles Actually Mean!

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Cuddling, this very word can make many people blush, and for many, it is a loving reminder of something that they would oh-so-lovingly want to do again and again. Because hey, no one can ever get bored of cuddling, can they? Locked in his arms wherein you feel his warm body, his love all around you, cuddling can be the perfect antidote to stress. It can also help spark the fire of intimacy between a couple.

But hey, we are not saying you can only do it with your partner. A cuddle isn’t limited to a romantic relationship only! You can do it with your four-legged best friend, and even with that pillow or plush toy that you sleep with so peacefully every night. Cuddling is a language for some, a feeling for many, and an expression of love for many more.


We bet you can come across a few souls who only live to cuddle and just latch on to their better half every chance they get. For some, cuddling is like a stepping stone to an exciting night. For some, it’s just the way in which they get a little rest with the love of their life.

Oh, and FYI (for your information), hugging, massaging, snuggling, and kissing — they all fall right under the cuddling umbrella. While there can never be a right or wrong cuddling position, there are different types of it, and they all have their own meanings and significances. Let’s read and find out.

1. The “Spoon”

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It can be called the ultimate cuddling position. And we’ll be truthful here by admitting that it can be the most sexual one too. Here, the larger partner is the “big spoon.” They need to wrap their arms around their partner while their partner’s back rests against their stomachs. In it your partner’s behind is tucked right in front of your genitals. It gives a sense of physical closeness and is a very intimate form of cuddling. This is very popular among the newly-wed couples and dating couples.

2. The Touch

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With years gone by, there are chances that your cuddle ritual has taken a backseat. You both don’t really do much cuddling rather you both just chose to lay in bed touching each other and fall asleep like that. This kind of cuddle indicates that you’re trying to cuddle, just for the heck of it. The intimacy isn’t really there like it used to be earlier. It shows how you’ve grown to become independent are no longer clinging onto your partner for anything in life.

3. The Honeymoon Hug

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In this cuddle position both the partners are face to face with each other. It’s a position which most couples opt for during either the beginning of their lovemaking session or after they’re done making love. They embrace each other in a manner that both their bodies are touching the others’ completely. It shows that both of them are really attached to each other and are in the most intimate phase of their relationship.

4. The Royal Position

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It’s a cuddle position where the man is sleeping with his face facing upwards while the lady rests her head on her man’s shoulder. This is considered as a royalty position as it depicts how the man has a sense of entitlement and ego in the relationship. Whereas the woman here looks more dependent on her man and also seems to prefer it that way. It looks as though the woman admires her man and trusts his every judgment. It’s a comfortable cuddle. It cannot be called a cozy cuddle though.

5. The Leg Cuddle

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The leg hug is one of the most common cuddle positions that couples prefer. You’re not doing much here, you’re just sleeping with your legs interlocked. It gives a sense of “don’t worry, I’m here,” to your partner. You both are fast asleep, peacefully, with your legs touching the other’s indicating that you are still there together and very much in touch with each other. However, you both have chosen to prioritize sleep over making love here.

6. The Sweetheart Cradle

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This cuddle position is often used when one of the partners wants to be nurtured with love. If you’re someone who seeks love, then this cuddle position is apt for you. While your partner lies on their back, you can rest your head on their chest. It’s almost like you’re being cradled to sleep by your partner. This way of cuddling creates a trusted bond between the two of you.

7. The “Lap” Pillow

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There’s nothing like coming home and laying your head on your partner’s lap while watching a football game together, right? It leaves both of you in a vulnerable position. This makes it easier to give and receive kisses. You can even sit and binge-watch your favorite TV shows while having romantic conversations.

Benefits Of Cuddling

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Several studies have claimed that cuddling in a therapeutic way can actually provide relief from pains in the body. Placing hands onto your partner’s body or even beneath it, can help balance the energy levels of their body which promotes natural healing (1).

To cuddle is to touch each other in the calmest manner, right? Research shows that holding hands or hugging for a short period of time can lower one’s systolic and diastolic blood pressure (2). Therefore, cuddling can be a part of a healthy treatment as well (wink-wink).

We’re sure that you’re all set to just go cuddle with your loved one now. Cuddle away and make memories with your beloved partner. Happy cuddling peeps!

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