Can A Hair Mask Actually Boost Hair Growth? 5 All-Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Hair Problems

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Attaining thick and luscious hair as we see in TV commercials is something we all dream of. Tangle-free and frizz-less hair that can make heads turn! And for achieving that, we mindlessly spend a lot on tons of branded hair products without any guarantee of success, hoping that their application would pump some life into our dry and brittle hair that once used to shine like the night sky.

You know what we suggest? Instead of going for such over-priced chemical concoctions, you can always opt for natural hair masks that will practically cost you nothing (if we were to compare with those giants), and are super-effective as well. So, without thinking about it anymore, try using the below-mentioned hair masks.

Here you go!

1. Add An Instant Volume, Softness, And Shine To Your Hair With This Hair Mask

For ‘spa-like’ hair nourishment, try out the concoction of flat beer, mashed banana, and eggs. When used as a hair mask, this will provide volume to your dull and lifeless hair. Yes, you are right, it has a pretty funny smell, but endure it for a good 15-20 minutes to get fantabulous results. I’m sure you can do that for pretty hair! This full-of-proteins mask is also rich in potassium and several types of vitamins, all thanks to bananas, which help in the healthy revival of your hair. Try it out!

2. Heal Your Dull And Damaged Hair With This Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

We are blessed to have astounding Mother Nature providing us with whatever benefits we want, at the cost of none. One such amazing and surprising natural blessing would be avocado. It not only cleanses our stomach and skin, but is also extremely beneficial in deep cleansing our hair, getting it free from the remnants of dust and pollution that make a home in our scalp. Avocados also help in preventing hair loss and make way for the growth of healthy hair. Just apply a mix of ripe avocados, honey, and olive oil and shampoo it off after two to three hours. Check this video out!

3. Fight All Hair Problems With This Fenugreek Hair Mask

Yes, the usage of fenugreek is not limited to take the taste quotient of our food up! It is also a ‘not-so-hidden’ home product used for restricting hair loss and retaining the shine of our tresses. I’m sure you must have heard it from your grandma to use fenugreek paste to strengthen hair roots. Other than that, you can always soak fenugreek seeds overnight in a jar full of water and rinse your shampooed hair with it. It will cleanse your hair, and its antibacterial properties will prevent any bacterial attack on your scalp. Watch this video to know more about the hairtastic benefits of fenugreek.

4. A Miraculous Hair Mask To Promote Hair Growth And Get Rid Of Itchy Dandruff

A hair mask made out of coconut oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, and Vitamin E eradicates all hair related troubles, starting from itchiness to hair loss, and most important of all, that much hated stubborn dandruff. This mix is full of antifungal properties, antioxidants, and nutrients to keep your hair follicles healthy and happy. In addition to this, they even keep your tresses soft and shiny for a longer period of time. And finding these ingredients is easy too. What can go better than this? Check the video for more on process and application.

5. Potato Hair Mask Prevents Hair Loss? Here’s How!

Food for the poor, carb king, savior (especially if we go by the role potatoes played in the movie Martian) – there are multitudes of names given to potatoes. Apart from food, we know that potatoes help in getting rid of stubborn tanning, but did we know what an absolute blessing they can be for growing hair? Yes, it may be surprising to hear this, but using potato juice on our scalp can arrest the falling of hair and promote hair growth at an accelerated rate. Just wow!

These hair masks have proved beneficial for me, do tell us how well it worked for you by commenting in the box below!
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