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Whether you go online or ask a friend, everybody is full of advice for what you should and shouldn’t do before and during sex. There’s infinite information available on the methods of contraception you should use, the positions you can try, and the places you should explore among others. But nobody tells you what to do after sex (and no, conking out is not the only thing you should do). Well, what you do after sex contributes in making the act as pleasurable as the things you do before and after (at least it does so for future action between the sheets). Here are five things you absolutely must do after every time you’re done getting wild in the sack.

1. Pee just after

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Peeing after sex is extremely important for women as not doing so can lead to urinary tract infections or UTIs. Symptoms of such infections can range from bleeding and pain while trying to urinate as well as a stinging sensation and increased pressure. There are also chances that when you pee, your urine may turn smelly, cloudy or milky if you have UTI. The thing is that irrespective of your sex life, your vagina is home to a lot of bacteria and there are high chances that these may get pushed in during sex, thereby causing infection. However, peeing right after sex can release them out of your system, effectively lowering your chances. Even if you don’t feel like urinating, try hitting the loo as a few drops are better than nothing.

2. Clean yourself up

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While sweat during sex can be an instant turn on, its after effects on your skin can immediately turn you off when you look at yourself in the mirror. The sweat and grime during sex are responsible for acne and pimple breakouts. Hence, it’s essential that you wash your face just after sex. Besides, your sweat too contains bacteria, which can give rise to bad body odor. Unless you don’t want your partner to stay as far away from you when in bed, it’ll be wise to clean your body up. Who knows, that may help set the mood again

3. Drink a glass of water

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There’s no better way to stay in shape than sex. At least there’s none as enjoyable for sure. This pleasurable workout can lead to the loss of bodily fluids in the form of sweat and can even help you burn a lot of calories. In fact, men on average, burn up to 101 kCal after sex, according to the journal PLoSOne; while women burn up to 69.1 kCal. So if you feel thirsty just after sex, don’t think that you’re weird or that there’s something wrong with you. You actually need that hydration to replenish your depleted energy. In fact, this glass of water may even help you after sex, which is a bonus.

4. Change into a fresh pair of underwear

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After sex, it’s quite natural for you to stay in bed and grab the first pair of underwear you see and sleep. But hold your horses right there. Wearing an unclean underwear post sex is bad news for your lady parts. As you know, bacteria exist down there, and wearing the same underwear can increase moisture and bacteria build-up, which in turn can significantly increase your chances of getting an infection. Push yourself to get up and pick out a fresh, clean pair to put on. Cotton is the most preferable fabric as it will allow your skin to breathe and absorb the excess moisture. It fact, it can even prevent odor. But if you just don’t feel like getting out of bed; simply wrap a blanket around and sleep.

5. Munch on probiotics

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Why just after sex, you ask? As we’ve told you time and again, bacteria are found in abundance in your vagina, which are required to keep it healthy. However, sex can throw the level of good bacteria off balance, which as you know can lead to painful infections. Having foods rich in probiotics can help you maintain the optimum balance so as to reduce the risk of infection tremendously. Foods such as yogurt are good options. If you’re not in the mood to eat after sex, you can plan your next meal in a way that probiotics are a part of it. Even probiotic supplements can go a long way in preventing bacterial, yeast and other types of infections.

The best way to enjoy a healthy and pain-free sex life is to follow the rules given above. Yes, doing them might seem like a challenge initially, but you will soon grow into them and will reap their benefits. After all, practicing safe sex is not just about wearing condoms or taking birth control pills. It’s about maintaining hygiene too.

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