‘Marr Gaye Yaar!’ Hilarious & Painful Things You’ll Relate To If You Travel Very Far For Work

by Shivani K

There was a time when one could commute to work by just walking or hopping onto a bicycle. Is this the case in the present time as well? Certainly not! Over the years, India has incredibly grown in an exponential manner. You can see many international company giants opening their offices in many cities of the country. Even in the investment sector, India is one of the top countries in the global market.

As much as the job opportunities in India have increased, so has the people and vehicular population as well. If your dad was taking just half an hour earlier to reach his workplace, he is probably taking at least three times more time now, isn’t it? People have agreed upon the fact that to gain professional success, it’s okay to travel to far off places and waste almost a quarter of their entire day (or even more) on just traveling. Traveling for hours to work can be both physically and mentally taxing. But we are helpless when it comes to this situation, isn’t it?

So, what could one possibly do in such situations? Maybe try to ignore the pain by looking at the situation in a funny angle? And if you don’t know how to go about doing that, here, have a look, we’re teaching you how to do it and feel at least a teeny-weeny better.

1. You Hold The Title Of ‘Late Comer’ At Work


It’s not your fault. No matter how early or even if you leave home like three hours earlier, the traffic jams are lined up in a way that they just don’t want you to reach work on time. All you can do is wish for your office to shift nearby because obviously, you cannot afford the rent in the locality of your office.

2. Traffic Is Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals


Why couldn’t you take her on a date?

Traffic bro!

Why didn’t you register for that course?

Traffic bro!

Why haven’t you submitted your work on time?

Traffic bro, I mean, Sir!

We get it; traffic is what we can call the kebab me haddi for everything that you want in life. With the very existence of traffic, you cannot move an inch further or backward.

3. When People Ask Where Do You Live And Say, “Oh, That’s So Far.”


You really appreciate that your colleague noticed that you’re getting late to work every single day and there might be some serious issue that’s making you so late. You tell him where you’re put up after he asks where you live. And the moment he comments on your answer by saying, ‘that’s far.’ It’s almost like he’s rubbing salt on your already painful enough would. We feel you mate!

4. When People Around You Talk About “#Wanderlust” And You Want To Punch Them


The word “travel” irks you so much that you get violent thoughts in your head. You don’t want to hear about any wanderlust dreams or wishes, because you travel every day to work for hours and you don’t find anything exciting about it.

5. You Make Your Cab, Auto, Or Metro Train Your Comfy Beds


What do you do when the travel distance between your home and office deprives you of your sleep? You make your travel vehicles your bed. People who travel for hours develop this unique talent of falling asleep in all kinds of transportation— car, auto, cab, train, bike, etc.

6. Leaving Headphones Back Home Is Like Leaving A Part Of Yourself Back Home


Isn’t this true, buddies? It is with the help of your earphones that you are listening to music tracks that keep you calm while braving the traffic jam and it even lets you talk to your loved ones. It’s the only thing that keeps you sane while stuck in traffic congestion. And when you have forgotten your headphones back at home, it seriously feels like you’ve kept a piece of your heart at home and gone to work. The day just couldn’t get worse than that!

7. Love For Unemployment Lingers In Your Heart And Brain


There are copious number of times when you have thought that enough is enough, you just want to quit your job and just stay at home doing nothing. Yes, traffic jams, too much of travel hours to work gives such thought threads to you. But then you wake up into reality and realize you have bills to pay!

Yep, this is the normal life of an employee who travels for hours to reach their workplace. Do you travel for hours to work too? How much could you relate to whatever we just told you above? Let us know in the comments below. We feel you! Like totally feel you!

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