Why Dry Brushing Is The Secret To Excellent Skin

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We all brush our teeth and hair regularly, right? But do we brush our skin? You might be wondering why anyone would brush their skin! Well, dry brushing is one of those ancient practices that is gaining a massive amount of popularity. So much that it is even being offered on the menu of spas at hotels. So, what exactly is dry brushing and why should you even consider getting it done? Take a look.

What Is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is nothing but a technique that involves brushing your skin with the help of a dry brush in a particular pattern just before taking a shower. The skin is typically brushed towards the heart. Brushing in this pattern is the best for blood circulation and also for the lymphatic system. You need to start brushing the feet and then the hands but in a way that you move towards the chest. Here’s how you can dry brush your skin:

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1. Start with your feet. Brush the bottom of your feet and then come up your legs in long and smooth strokes. Brush each section at least 10 times.

2. Repeat the same procedure with your arms. Start with the palm and brush up towards your heart/chest area.

3. Now, brush your abdomen and back for some time and then start brushing your face. Use a softer brush for your face.

How Often Can You Do This?

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You can dry brush your body daily before taking a bath. But make sure you do not brush too hard. Choose a soft brush and apply soft and smooth strokes. It is common for your skin to turn pink, but if it starts irritating your skin or if your skin becomes red, it’s an indication that you’re doing it too harshly. Also, skip the delicate areas of your body such as your genitals and other sensitive and irritated areas.

Benefits Of Dry Brushing

Our skin is a very complex system that is made up of a number of nerves, glands, and layers of cells. It acts as a buffer that protects us from chemicals and extreme conditions. It also produces antibacterial substances that protect us from infections. Apart from all these, our skin also plays a crucial role in supporting the optimal detoxification of the body. But, if our skin is overrun with dead skin cells or toxins, it won’t be able to perform its functions efficiently. And this is where dry brushing comes into the picture. Dry brushing not only removes dead skin cells but also activates the waste removal process via the lymph nodes. It has many other benefits. Let’s see what they are.


1. It Exfoliates Dead Skin

While we’re in our teens or early 20s, our body doesn’t really require dry brushing because, at this age, our skin renews itself automatically. But, as you cross this age, it becomes essential to exfoliate your skin at least once or twice in a week. It is very helpful in removing the dead skin cells, renewing the skin, and making your skin healthy and fresh.

2. It Reduces Cellulite.

Name one person who doesn’t hate cellulite! Often caused due to fluid retention, lack of blood circulation, hormonal imbalance, and increased body fat, cellulite appears on the stomach, butt, arms, and legs. While there are many treatments that claim to reduce cellulite, dry brushing is one of the easiest ways to do so. Since it stimulates the cells and breaks down toxins from beneath the skin, dry brushing acts as a natural remedy to get rid of cellulite.

3. It Acts As A Stress Buster.

Dry brushing is actually very similar to massaging. It is great for our health since it eliminates anxiety and helps our body relax. The best part is, it is quite cheap. You can do it yourself too!

4. It Stimulates The Lymphatic System.

Dry brushing your skin regularly stimulates your lymphatic system and helps it in removing the toxins from the body. The stiffer the bristles of the brush are, the better lymphatic stimulation you’ll be able to create.

5. It Unclogs The Pores.

Brushing your entire skin helps in unclogging the pores and thus, assists your skin in absorbing more nutrients. It promotes healthy skin.

Some Tips To Dry Brush Your Skin Efficiently

1. Use a dry body brush. Your body must also be dry. Wet brushes won’t serve the purpose.

2. Avoid using harsh soaps, especially in the colder season, as they make the skin drier.

3. You can opt for a natural body scrub instead of soaps.

4. After a shower, apply a moisturizing lotion to seal in the moisture.

5. Once you’re done dry brushing your entire body, take a regular bath but opt for a cold shower.

6. Do not share the brush with anyone.

Dry brushing keeps your skin healthy, fresh, and young. Did you ever try dry brushing? If not, watch the video below and try it today.

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