These Symptoms Will Show If You Are Pregnant Way Earlier Than You Miss Your First Period

by Shirin Mehdi

Are you trying to have a baby? The process can be quite overwhelming, and it is hard to pinpoint how long it should take you to get pregnant.

Studies have shown that, by and large, a fertile couple has higher chances of conceiving within a year of trying. If, say, 100 couples try to conceive naturally, about 20 of them will conceive within a month, 70 in half a year, and 85 in a year’s time.

Before you draw your conclusions, you should know that these numbers are mere statistics. There are couples who have a high rate of fertility. They have higher chances of getting pregnant during a particular cycle and it will take them barely a few months to conceive.

Couples who have lower rates of fertility have lesser chances of getting pregnant at any given time. They could also take longer to conceive.

For some couples, it could take more than two years to get pregnant, and while it might seem far from normal, it actually is. You might not have a fertility problem.

Let’s Take A Quick Look At The Factors That Affect Your Chances Of Pregnancy

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  1. Your chances of getting pregnant could get lower if you have reproductive problems, including a history of pelvic inflammatory disease.
  2. Your age, lifestyle, diet, and job matter.
  3. So does your husband’s age, diet, lifestyle, and job.
  4. Your weight needs to be checked. If you are over or underweight, you could have problems conceiving.
  5. Any kind of chronic illness could also hurt your chances of getting pregnant.
  6. It is most important to have regular and timed intercourse if you want a baby.

Well, if all this is in place, and you had your little baby dance (BD) this month, we know that the two-week wait must be driving you up the wall. While you sit and fret wondering about your fate, we have some good news. You can now know whether you are pregnant or not much before you miss your period. If you have one or more of these symptoms, it’s time you start thinking of a name for your little one.

1. Headache

This happens because of those major changes in blood pressure. Taking long deep breaths and slowing down a little might be a good idea.

2. Cramps

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If you are wondering how to identify these spasms, know that they are similar to the cramps you have during your period, but NOT the same. They are less intense and happen for a lesser duration of time. This usually happens to widen your womb, making place for your growing baby.

3. Frequent Urination

As the uterus grows, your bladder is pressed, leaving lesser space for your urine to collect. Therefore, you tend to urinate more frequently.

4. Aversion To Smell

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Funny things happen when you are pregnant, and you could end up hating the smells you could previously stand. This happens because of the hormonal changes in your body.

5. Mood Swings

Mood swings due to pregnancy could be similar to mood swings during your period. You could have this urge to either be alone or want to be around your husband all the time. You can totally blame this on your surging hormones too.

6. Constipation

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When you are pregnant, the level of progesterone in your body increases. This hormone slows down the flow of food in the system and causes constipation. Drinking a whole lot of water will help ease the problem.

7. Notice The Changes In Your Breasts

If your breasts swell up and change in color, you could have a bun in your oven. In preparation for your pregnancy, the areolas darken, and your breasts start to hurt. You can feel a certain tenderness around your nipples. If they itch, that could also be one of the first signs of a BFP (big fat positive).

8. Shortness Of Breath

A growing baby needs constant oxygen, and when you get a little more active than usual, you could be left panting. Unfortunately, this will go on throughout your pregnancy, especially when your baby grows big enough to put pressure on your diaphragm and lungs.

9. Fatigue

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Do you feel more exhausted than usual, and find it extremely hard to keep your eyes open through an episode of your favorite show? You, my love, are just about to grow your family by one. This symptom is in response to the increase in hormones in your body.

10. Nausea

Most women start to feel this only when they are about 6 weeks into their pregnancy. But some feel it the moment they conceive. Morning sickness, as they call it, can strike at any hour. The good news is this should subside as you enter trimester two.

11. Backaches

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If your lower back is more sore than usual, and you have been TTC (trying to conceive), well, it could mean that your ligaments are loosening to accommodate your baby. This is a symptom that you can feel throughout your pregnancy as your weight increases, and your body shifts its center of gravity.

12. Elevated Basal Body Temperature

If a baby has been on your mind for a while, it is likely that you have been charting your basal body temperature. Generally speaking, your BBT is on the rise from the time you ovulate until you get your period about two weeks later. But if it is elevated beyond that, it’s good news!

13. Dizziness

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Well, this is how we all know pregnancy, thanks to the movies. Pregnancy leads to lowered blood pressure and blood sugar, and this causes all the fainting. Remember to eat well and stay hydrated.

14. Spotting

This is the most worrying symptom because it comes around the time of your period. The difference is that it is much lighter, and comes at least three days before your expected period. This is the infamous implantation bleeding, which happens when the zygote attaches itself to the wall of your uterus.

If you’ve noticed most of these symptoms, you can go ahead and do a pregnancy test 10 DPO (days post ovulation). Don’t fret if it’s a negative, it could still be early.

Also, do not be disappointed if you don’t notice any of these symptoms. Some women don’t even realize they are pregnant until Week 6!

Remember, a missed period is the most accurate sign of pregnancy. Lot’s of baby dust on you, and good luck with conceiving!

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