11 Easy And Effortless Ways To Give An Edge To Your Makeup

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How often do you stand in front of a mirror and admire the sheer image of elegance? All the time, right? One of the best ways to express ourselves is through our appearance. That is one reason why we never step outside without making sure we look the best. Be it our hair, clothes, accessories, or shoes, each tells a story about our personality. We can highlight our features, add colors and put on a little makeup, but where’s the wow factor? We at Stylecraze have prepared a list of makeup tricks that give you an edge, and once you master these hacks, you are sure to make heads turn! You go, girl!

1. Face Jewels

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This is something only the boldest of the bold can pull off. If you are going to a party that appreciates gallant attire, then don’t hold back on the makeup. All you need is some lightweight gems that match your dress and some eyelash glue to stick them on your skin. You can highlight your eyebrows and sides of your cheekbones with gorgeous gemstones and let yourself sparkle in the lights!

2. Use Lip Liner As Eyeliner

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We know the struggle of finding a colored liner, especially if you want it to match perfectly with your attire. Well, to let the cat out of the bag, you don’t really need to buy tons of eyeliners! Lip liners work fine when drawn over the eyes. You can try a bold red or purple, or a lighter tone that compliments your skin.

Pro Tip: Since the skin near your eyelids is a bit more sensitive than your lips, make sure you get the eyeliner from a reputed brand. If you feel any sign of itching or irritation, wipe it off with a makeup remover and apply a moisturizer that cools your skin.

3. Put A Pop Color In The Inner Corner Of Your Eyes

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If you haven’t done it already, this is something you need to try at least once. Instead of playing it safe with a liner and eyeshadow, pick a bling color and dab it on the inner corners of your eyes. It doesn’t have to be the same color as your eyeshadow. For example, if you wear a purple eye shadow, you can make the inner highlights yellow perhaps. Experiment with some contrasting colors and see which combination suits you the best.

4. Funky Eyebrows

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When we say funky eyebrows, we don’t mean just shaping them! Through generations, eyebrow fashion has changed a lot. From making them disappear, redrawing them and growing them thick and bushy, we have seen it all! Now is the time to do more than play with the shapes. How about coloring them! We suggest you get it done by professionals and use a color that you are sure will suit your style.

5. Graphic Liner

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Moving on from coloring your eyebrows which is more of a permanent change, you can try taking your makeup skills on a roll with graphic liners. Take an eyeliner or lip liner of your choice and make your favorite graffiti over or beside your eyes. The most exotic look to go for is leopard print. It is easy to draw circles, and you can get it done using yellow eyeshadow and a black liner.

6. Cover The Eye Rim

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If you feel your eyes are not that big, this eye makeup will highlight them and make them look gorgeous. Instead of pulling the liner over the top lid, trace the entire line and highlight the rim. You can use a kajal to smudge the top and create a drool-worthy smokey eye look.

7. Upper And Lower Lashes

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If you have been thinking of getting lashes but have shied away from it, now is the time to get it! You will need a bit of practice at first, but once you master it, nothing can stop you from looking the best! Nothing brightens up your eyes more than long thick eyelashes if you want to bat your lashes like a pro!

Pro Tip: Make sure you get your eyelash kit from a reputed brand and do not use any other glue to fix them other than a proper eyelash glue.

8.Colored Mascara

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If you need a bold eye makeup to experiment with, replace the ordinary black mascara with a colored one! It is readily available in shops, but if you are crafty, you can make it yourself too. Melt a bit of eyeliner or lip liner on the tip of a spoon and let it cool. Use a clean mascara brush to apply it on your lashes. It will change the whole look of your eyes. You can also match it with your eyeshadow or attach a few sprinkles at the end.

9. Ink Your Eye Crease

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Once you try it on your own, you will know why we recommend this. Tracing your eye crease with your eyeliner gives an illusion of big and shapely eyes that are enough to make heads turn. Also, the further they are from your lids, the lesser the chance of the makeup getting smudged!

10. The Feather Eyelash

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Why just try eyelash extensions when you can experiment with so much more. For this, we will suggest you tone down the accessories and let the eyes do the talking. You can quickly get the tiny feather lashes online and match the colors with your attire. Add them at the ends of your eyes and rule the look.

11. Candy Lips

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Now enough with the eyes, let’s shift our focus on the gorgeous lips. Instead of wearing lipstick, how about doing something creative with them. All you need to do is coat your lips with honey and then pout your way into a box full of tiny candy balls. It stays intact as long as you don’t lick it off or eat!

So this was the list of the most incredible makeup hacks to make you stand out in the crowd. Have you ever tried any of them before? Let us know your personal favorite in the comment section!

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