10 Easy Hacks To Hide A Bulging Tummy

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Nothing beats the annoyance of having your bulging tummy come in the way of your favorite outfit. If you thought only plus-size people have tummy bulging problems, you couldn’t be more wrong! Even if you eat healthily and work out every day, your tummy is prone to bulging out and looking bloated. Yeah, the struggle is real. And to add to the problem if you gain a few extra pounds of abdominal fat, your tummy will refuse to budge no matter how hard you try to suck it in. But, did you know that there are several ingenious ways to dress that will allow you to conceal the bulge with minimal effort on your part. Here are some of the top recommendations we’ve come across; you may thank us later! Read on to know them all.

1. Shift The Focus To Your Lower Body

Shift The Focus To Your Lower Body
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Straight or A-line silhouettes are ideal for disguising a belly. The form is unrestricted and airy all the time, with no bulge in the center. Whichever sleeve length you like, from sleeveless to short to three-quarters to full, the choice is yours. All eyes are now on your lower body. Also, the dress’s hemline may be altered to suit your preferences. You may pair it with flats, sandals, or low stylish heels with this ensemble, and you might not even need shapewear! So who is ready to shop for some beautiful skirts and dresses!

2. Wear A Monochrome Dress

Wear A Monochrome Dress
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When you wear a top and skirt that go well together, you create a column of color that gives the impression of a smooth, continuous line. This technique works with any color scheme, however, black and white have become the most popular options. Also, the longer your dress is, the taller and leaner your silhouette will look.

3. Invest In Maxi Dresses

Invest In Maxi Dresses
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The basic idea behind this technique is to adopt a camouflage aesthetic with a heavy boho twist. Avoid belted designs and instead, go for looser options with a horizontal seam at the waist. If you want to seem put together, try using on-trend prints, colors, and sleeves.

4. Carry An Open Cardigan

Carry An Open Cardigan
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An extra layer of clothing, such as a jacket, might give the impression that your stomach is flatter than it actually is. You can’t go wrong with an open jacket in a contrasting color worn over a simple tee, dress, or shirt. When viewed from the front, this layering has the effect of narrowing the waist. Choose a jacket that can be worn indoors without making you sweat. The sleekest silhouette is achieved with a blazer, vest, cardigan, and even a jacket.

5. Don’t Tuck Your Clothes

Don’t Tuck Your Clothes
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Shirts and tees are generously cut so that they may be worn untucked without revealing any skin whether the wearer stretches, sits, or bends down. You can wear your button-down collared shirts outside your jackets and sweaters if you want. Shirt buttons shouldn’t gape or pull, so go easy on the sizing.

6. Go For Contracting Color

Go For Contracting Color
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Use contrasting colors or patterns to create a flattering belly camouflage effect. Leggings, trim pants, slender trousers, or straight-leg jeans make a great foundation for any shirt, full-cut blouse, jacket, or tunic.

7. Improve Your Posture

Improve Your Posture
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Poor posture is associated with relaxing abdominal muscles, which in turn makes the belly pooch even more pronounced. You can attempt the aforementioned garment tricks, but improving your posture can help you in more ways than one. You can ask your peers to remind you to not slouch or even set reminders to check on your posture.

8. Add Layers To Your Clothes

Add Layers To Your Clothes
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Using a longer cardigan above a blouse or shirt is a great layering trick for disguising a belly. Keep an eye on how snug the latter is. Add some contrast to the layers. The inside might be darker than the outside, or vice versa. The contrast aids in producing an appearance that gives the illusion of a narrower waist.

9. Play With Designs And Colors

Play With Designs And Colors
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The effectiveness of belly camouflage relies heavily on the choice of fabric, color scheme, and pattern. The same logic applies to trying out vertical stripes, deep hues, and airy materials.

10. Discard Tight Clothes

Discard Tight Clothes
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You may love your figure-hugging dress, but your tummy will show through it even if you try and wear a body shaper. If you can, wear a wrap-around dress so the focus is on your waist instead of your tummy.

So now that you know all the tricks on concealing your tummy in clothes, nothing can stop you from taking that confident stride on the road. Make sure you eat healthily and exercise regularly so your tummy doesn’t come in the way of your looks. So which of these tricks do you like best? Let us know in the comments section!

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