10 Effective Home Remedies To Relieve And Cure Scalp Pain

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Did you ever experience a pinching sensation in your scalp, so much so that it felt like migraine pain? If you did, it is probably because your scalp is very sensitive. This very condition was regarded as a vague disease until recent epidemiological studies. Research suggested it is related to an ailment that causes delicate skin (1). Scalp sensitivity can cause discomforts like itching, burning, and irritated skin, and the pain can affect various areas, including your scalp and face. When dealing with such problems, the first thing that you should go for is home remedies. We at Stylecraze, are here to share some natural tips and tricks that will help relieve these painful symptoms before you have to take the help of a dermatologist.

1. Calendula Infusion

Calendula Infusion
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Calendula is a great choice for curing irritated skin. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties bring pleasant relief to suffering parts. Preparing it is also super easy – you can make it right at home. There are many ways to use calendula for your skin, but making it in the form of an infusion gives the best results. All you need to do is, pour your choice of oil over dried calendula flowers, put a tight lid on the container, and store it in a sunny and dry location.

Pro Tip: Make sure the flowers are completely submerged in oil and do not come in contact with the air, or they will start decomposing in the container.

2. Oatmeal

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Oatmeal, as we all know, is a common and popular breakfast food, but did you know that it also works wonders for your skin and your body? Oatmeal contains water-absorbing ingredients and lipids that make it an excellent option for hydrating your skin. If the reason for your scalp irritation is skin flakes are dehydration, then this is the perfect remedy. You can either dilute it in water or apply it to the irritated skin. You can also use oatmeal soap.

3. Green Tea

Green Tea
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You did not think we would leave this magical tea out of our list, did you? Green tea provides countless health benefits including regeneration and healing. You can either soak green tea bags in water and press them against the agitated skin or make an infusion and massage the area gently with your fingers. It will definitely relieve you of a headache or your acute scalp pain. There are no side effects and your scalp health will show excellent results consistently.

4. Aloe Vera With Honey

Aloe Vera With Honey
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If you were thinking of applying a soothing mask on irritated skin, we have the perfect recipe. The combination of aloe and honey will help your skin recoup its smoothness while taking care of your skin sensitivity. If you feel you have scratched the surface of your scalp due to uncontrolled itching, simply take a scoop of aloe vera, add a spoon of honey and mix it into a paste. Carefully layer it over the irritated area, (It might drip if it is too thin) and let it sit till the skin stops burning.

5. Chamomile Infusion

Chamomile Infusion
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Chamomile plants contain multiple health benefits, including boosting immunity and soothing skin. The anti-inflammatory properties help relieve your scalp from any kind of irritation. Infusion is one of the most common ways of applying chamomile to your skin. You can go for an oil that suits your skin and submerge the chamomile flowers entirely in the oil. Using the infusion twice a day will help clean your scalp and decrease the soreness.

6. Scalp Massage

Scalp Massage
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Leave everything aside, sometimes the answer to every headache is a nice hot oil champi! Head massage actually helps relax your muscles and improves blood circulation. It is proven in many studies that a vigorous scalp massage can help ease pressure and tension, and is also great for your heart rate (2). You should know the pressure points and the exact gentle pull to make sure your hair is not tugged out. You can use any infusion or oil and massage your hair to stimulate your nerve endings.

7. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep Yourself Hydrated
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Not drinking enough water can do far worse than just causing scalp irritation, but one of the ways to beat it at the base level is to be hydrated at all times. Drinking up to eight glasses of water a day will regenerate your tissues, make your epidermis glow, and increase the skin’s elasticity. So, if you feel you have already tried all the remedies but nothing works, you should probably increase your water intake.

8. Hot And Cold Therapy

Hot And Cold Therapy
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Massaging your scalp with an ice cube can reduce inflammation and ease your skin irritation immediately. Inversely, hot oil to your hair can soothe your muscles and improve your hair growth. You can follow the hot and cold therapy to bring relief to your sensitive scalp. This is very effective in extreme conditions when you need to get a quick fix.

9. Drink Coffee

Drink Coffee
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If coffee is your go-to beverage, you’ll be happy to know that it also solves many skin related issues. Whether you are stressed out or feeling under the weather, you need to wake yourself up or simply need something to keep you active, coffee is the magical essence for sure. This remedy is a sheer treat to coffee lovers. Coffee does not just keep you active; it has numerous other health benefits too. The presence of chlorogenic acid in coffee makes it anti-inflammatory in nature. You can either drink or apply it as a hair mask for your sensitive scalp.

10. Workout

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There is no excuse for not exercising, especially when it is the only way to keep your body and skin healthy. Working out decreases stress levels and keeps all kinds of health problems at bay. Yes, even scalp pain and headaches. It not only serves as a distraction but also eases your muscles with just a little bit of stretching.

Many people have started coming up with techniques to deal with pain, discomfort as well as skincare. Now that you know all the home remedies, you know exactly what to do if someone you know complains about scalp pain. But we still recommend a visit to the specialist if the pain does not reduce with these treatments.


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