8 Effective Ways To Deal With Nosy Relatives

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Every family has that one relative who makes you wish their invitation to the family event got lost in the mail. Even though we love our families to death, some relatives are not all that near and dear to us! There will always be a member whose opinion contradicts yours, and a person who is more thrilled about when you will get married than you will ever be. While their constant inquisitiveness and inclination to pry into your personal affairs can be a nuisance, we have some expert advice to help you deal with them! Read on to know them all!

1. Comprehend Their Motive

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Understand why they are acting the way they are. It’s not uncommon for your family to enquire about your well-being, while others may simply be nosy. As a result, it’s critical to understand their motive before deciding whether or not to respond to them. It also raises the question as to what the best course of action would be. Is it  better to remain silent or respond? Once you’ve figured out why they’re asking so many questions, respond appropriately (it can be the truth or just a smile). You should keep your calm and be as polite as possible while reminding them to mind their own business if they’re merely asking questions out of habit or doing it to annoy you.

2. Question Them Back

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No matter how hard you try, if someone keeps interfering with your life despite your best efforts, you can always answer their questions with more questions. But do so in a respectful manner. For example, let’s say someone asks you when you’re getting married. “I wish I knew,” is a perfectly acceptable reply. So my question to you is, “Can you help me find a good life partner?”

3. Tell Them How ‘Boring’ Your Life Is

Tell Them How 'Boring' Your Life Is
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People are only interested in your life if it is different from their own. One of the greatest ways to get people to stop asking you questions is to tell them how mundane or uninteresting your life is. Their curiosity may wane, and they may lose interest in what you have to say.

4. Maintain Your Privacy

Maintain Your Privacy
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When you reveal a lot about your private life, you risk being exploited. It is always a good idea to keep your distance from relatives who tend to pry into your personal affairs. No matter how excited you are about the guy you are dating,, no one has to know except those friends and family who are discreet..

5. Face Them

Face Them
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If they don’t get it from their facial expressions that you are not happy with the questions they throw at you, tell them outright that you don’t want them prying into your personal affairs. We understand that it’s difficult, but some people don’t give up until they grasp the message. Face them and let them know what’s on your mind.

6. Smile And Nod

Smile And Nod
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Not everyone is crafted to win heated arguments, and since no one is getting a medal for it, it’s best to just bypass what they say and nod without acknowledging it. So no matter how annoyed you are at your relatives for commenting on girls wearing the clothes of their choice, you need to take a deep breath and just zone out. Sometimes not getting the reaction they were expecting annoys them even more!

7. Stay Firm On Your Beliefs

Stay Firm On Your Beliefs
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It’s easier said than done, especially when 6 of your most annoying relatives try to coax something out of you that you are not comfortable with. However, after you are old enough to understand the voice of your conscience, stay firm and protest if you have to. For example, if you don’t want children, do not fall into the emotional blackmail of relatives who will merely come once a month and play with your child like a doll. Instead, say you have discussed it with your partner, and in case you change your mind, you would inform them when needed.

8. Forgive Them

Forgive Them
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This may be hard as you have been irritated by your relatives from the moment they stepped into your house, but sometimes forgiving people and not taking anything to heart does the trick. Understand that every person carries a burden that we don’t know of, and while you are young and have a lot of opportunities your way, their life may not be as exciting and they are trying to compensate by getting involved in yours..

Dealing with relatives is never easy, especially because we have been taught to respect our  elders no matter what! However, as we grow up, we also realize the importance of self-respect. Therefore, the best road to take is to be preoccupied with things that make you happy, so you don’t have time to get upset over what your relatives have to say. Do you have a story to share about your nosy relative? Let us know in the comments section!

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