10 Effective Ways To Make Any Day A Good Day

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Imagine you woke up, your leg got caught up in your blanket, you tripped, shattered your favorite night lamp, and landed in your cat’s litter box. That is what we call a perfectly bad day where no matter how much you mind your own business, something or the other goes wrong unconditionally. Now imagine you feel something pricking your palm and you see it is that missing earring you had been looking for all week! Doesn’t that instantly make your day? We all know life isn’t as dramatic as this, but small things make or break your day. While you cannot control how your mood is going to be throughout the day, you can take refuge in some tricks that can get your mood happy and bubbly again, no matter how bad your day is going. Everyone has their own way of finding happiness in little things, but the following ways are some of the most common ones to cheer yourself up. Satisfaction guaranteed! So go ahead and read them!

1. Favorite Song To The Rescue

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Studies have proven that listening to music that you enjoy can affect your mood and may even relieve depression (1). All you need to do is create a playlist with feel-good songs that changes your mood instantly. Upbeat music and meaningful lyrics can take you to another world where you won’t remember what’s causing you trouble anymore. Whether you categorize your playlist genre-wise, language-wise, or mood-wise, there is always that one playlist that hits home and strikes the right chord to calm down your insides when you are agitated or upset over something. Talk about an instant mood booster.

2. Shower

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Showering is not just for cleaning your body; the warm and cold water improves your blood circulation and helps you eliminate harmful energy buildup (2). Begin with a warm shower and slowly bring down the temp of the water to as cold as it is possible and hold it for about 20 minutes. Repeat this process for three to five minutes, and you will already feel your mood getting better.

3. Time For Funny Videos

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We all thrive on bite-sized entertainment nowadays. Whether it’s a WhatsApp video, memes, or short reels, all of them can guarantee a good and hearty laugh. All thanks to social media, funny videos are now at the click of your fingers. Be it your favorite TV show or a prank video, choose whatever brings an instant smile to your face and keep it as your own stress buster!

4. Pamper A Pet

Pamper A Pet
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Petting animals can significantly enhance your mood. It can produce amazing positive effects, and even therapists employ cuddly animals to assist in healing people through therapy. If you feel you cannot take responsibility for an animal, you can always pet a stray animal or go to the farm and pet the animals there.

Pro Tip: Make sure you are not allergic to the animal before coming near them, and wash your hand before and after touching the furballs.

5. Hug Time!

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It is a different story if you are not a big fan of physical touch. But every now and then, a warm hug can definitely put your mind and body at ease, whether it’s from your parents, bestie, or partner. It is a certified comfort provider to ward away worries that are bothering you on the inside. Human touch is often thought of as a means of therapy, and it is a much-needed healing device. Health professionals actually employ the therapeutic use of touch to provide treatment in hospitals to aid patients recovering from surgeries (3).

6. Try Deep Breathing

Try Deep Breathing
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The act of breathing deeply has a beneficial, therapeutic quality that can assist in reducing stress-related hormones. It is a good idea to take a few seconds to relax your eyes. Try inhaling slowly by rubbing your eyes, then pause for two seconds before exhaling. This can help activate the parasympathetic nervous systems, which will reduce your stress response.

7. Write To Yourself

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Journaling helps you realize what you really need to keep you happy. Make a note of ten things you accomplished this month and ten goals for the month to come. Having reasonable short-term goals will help you look forward to life in a positive way. You don’t have to pressurize yourself into writing everything you think. It can cause mental exhaustion. Make it a weekly or monthly affair, talk about your achieved goals, or other accomplishments even if you had no goal. On a personal note, you can write little odes to yourself and write how you did mentally in that period. Jotting down any notable anecdotes that you encounter can be an interesting way to track how fun your life can be.

8. Working Out

Working Out!
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Body positivity comes from working right for your body. We are not saying only skinny people are happy, but fit people are definitely happier! The more you work towards keeping your body healthy and fit, the better you will feel.

9. Walk Barefoot On Grass

Walk Barefoot On Grass
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Till you actually do it, you won’t know the feeling! The next thing you have to do is find a ground with well-maintained grass, and you just take off your shoes and walk on it. There is nothing that makes you feel closer to nature other than the smell of dew on the grass.

10. Sign Out Of Social Media

Sign Out Of Social Media
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Sometimes social media can be a source of dragging your energy down rather than uplifting it. If you feel any person or group is making you unhappy, it is better to meet real people rather than depend on virtual friends. Make time slots in your routine when you use your phone to access these social apps.

Pro Tip: If you feel distracted by these apps every time you lift your phone, you can always disable your notifications and log out from your app every time you have to use it. This way, you will not be tempted to use it more than you really have to.

Now that you know the tricks to bring an instant, genuine smile to your face, we hope your energy never drops down! You can always teach your friends these tricks, so they also know how to turn their bad day into a great day. These ways can have a calming effect on your mind and also calm down your tense and stiff body muscles. So, which of these suggestions is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section. Stay Smiling!


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