16 Etiquette Rules That Makes You Stand Out

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Did you ever meet a person in your life whose way of walking, talking, and behaving attracted you so much that you aspired to be like them? Well, such is the power of etiquettes. Be it your home, office, or restaurant, each place calls for particular behavior and norms following which makes you more appreciated than the rest. Even though we have been taught the basic politeness protocols at school itself, there are certain etiquettes that we are still unaware of. Knowing them can spark confidence in your step and makes you ace every work assigned to you. We at Stylecraze charted a list of etiquettes that will add charm to your personality and make you stand out in the crowd always:

1. Always Be On Time


If someone told you that being late only brings more attention to you, trust us, you are inviting the wrong kind of attention. Being late for any event is never appreciated, and you only increase the inconvenience of the host. Make sure you make an entry at the given time always. If it is an informal occasion with your close group of friends or you are running late because of a genuine issue, then that may be acceptable. But if it is a regular, people might recognize you as the latecomer most of the time.

2. Washroom First

Washroom First
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If you are hosting a get-together and your guests are not familiar with the layout of your house, always show them the way to the restroom first. This will help them freshen up before sitting for the party. A little house tour won’t hurt to make your guests adjust to the comfortable vibe of your house. After all, all a party needs are some positive and welcoming energy for them to feel good at a party. Show them the way to the washroom beforehand out of sheer politeness.

3. Dress Suitably


Even though we believe your unique personality should have a touch in every kind of dress you wear, following a proper dress code speaks volumes about your classiness. Dressing according to the occasion is key because even if you are unbothered about standing out oddly at the party, it will be almost like an insult to the host. That’s because they have organized the party with a lot of hard work. If you are attending a cocktail party, costume party, or any other of the sort, make sure to try and comply with the dress code. No one will rebuke you, but it will just be a sorry image.

4. Serving The Gifts

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If the guests at your house bring you gifts that are eatables and drinks, make sure you spread them on the table and share it with all your guests. Keep some extra plates and glasses ready in case you are expecting your guests to bring food with them.

5. Leaving A Party


If you have to leave a party before the anticipated time, make sure you inform the host about it. Telling the other guests and leaving does not count as good manners. It will make the host feel if they did something wrong to offend you or you simply did not enjoy the party. Just put in a small word of compliment to the host for organizing such a great party and leave courteously.

6. Temperature Regulation

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If you feel stuffy when you sit at a restaurant, instead of taking things into your own hands, always ask the waiter to regulate the AC or heater according to your liking.

7. Purse Is A Private Affair


Out of the many things you should never flash in public, your purse is the most important among them. What you carry in your handbag is totally your personal affair and it should never be revealed to anyone else. In the same way, you should never pry on the contents of someone else’s purse too!

8. Do Not Brush Your Hair In Public

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Imagine sitting at a restaurant and the person next to you pulls out her hairband and starts combing her hair. The possibility that the loose hair might fall in your food is going to kill your appetite right away! The golden rule is to brush hair and touch up makeup in the washroom only.

9. Don’t Refill Your Own Glass


Even though it seems convenient to fill up your own glass of water, it is considered rude. Instead, you can ask the person next to you to fill up your glass of water, and you can do it for them.

10. Never Raise Your Voice


Be it your home or office, it is never appropriate to shout for the person in the next room. If you need anything, you can always reach out to them in person, or even through texts.

11. Don’t Hunt For The Best Table

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If you are at a wedding and your table has not been assigned to you, do not rush for the table that looks the best. Always reach for the table nearest to you and sit down politely. Small things do matter!

12. Introduce People


If you organize an event or a meeting where not everyone is familiar to the people in the room, it is your duty to introduce everyone in the room. Once they have shaken hands and exchanged greetings, then you can proceed with the work.

13. Maintain Your Posture

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Even though this might be really difficult considering the pandemic and our relation to working on the bed, maintaining your posture at all times is a must while appearing in public. If you start to feel tired, you can excuse yourself to take a seat. But if you are well-dressed and socializing anyway, while posing for pictures, hunching your back won’t look too smart in pictures.

14. Don’t Interrupt

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Be it a meeting or someone sharing their story, it is very rude to interrupt the person while they are speaking. Make sure you note the things you want to speak about and bring them up when you are asked to. Sometimes, we feel itchy to raise our point as soon as possible if we disagree with someone or simply want to add on to it. But not letting someone finish their point will only show that you are impatient and not a good listener.

15. Do Not Eat In A Meeting


The plate of cookies might tempt you while your colleague is up with the presentation, but whatever you do, do not help yourself with the cookie. It is acceptable to take a bite before or after all the important messages have been shared.

16. Do Not Put Your Purse On The Table

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When you sit at a restaurant, do not place your bag and hat on the desk or the floor. It will only take up room for everyone else or make someone trip. Instead, place it on the seat next to you.

So, now that you know what you need to be classier in the crowd, standing out won’t be much of an exercise for you. Always remember to stay confident and be very polite no matter whom you have to deal with. Do you have someone you look up to when it comes to the following etiquette? Let us know in the comments below.

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