9 Etiquettes Every Modern Lady Needs To Know About

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For the longest time, women were expected to adhere to several strict codes of manners and etiquette. Pick any movie from the ’60s-’70s, and you will know what we are talking about! Thankfully today, the demand for such manners has blurred, and the standards of conduct have shifted. However, there are still some clever indicators of being a polished lady in public. So if you have been waiting to make yourself look poised in society, we have some tricks up our sleeve! Read on to know them all.

1. Refrain From Slouching

Refrain From Slouching
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When seated at a meal, a lady should always take the center seat. It’s crucial to ensure there’s adequate room between your back and the chair’s backrest. The duchess pose is characterized by this posture. The distance that exists between your body and the edge of the table’s surface should be about the same as that between your palm and your fingertips. And it goes without saying that you should sit up straight yet comfortably. A polished lady can also be identified by her posture. Sitting with your back constantly hunched over the chair is not a good look, nor is it good for your back.

2. Don’t Avoid Physical Labor

Don't Avoid Physical Labor
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Ladies never shy away from hard work. We have plenty of examples from the past of women participating actively in every kind of activity. So if you thought looking poised meant fanning yourself while sitting on a chair all day, you are not quite right. You’d be expected to do strenuous activities like volunteering, gardening, and driving, all while looking gorgeous and ladylike.

3. Follow Makeup Rules

Follow Makeup Rules
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Makeup should always be of your own choice, but you should also know what to wear when. A dark purple lipstick would probably go perfectly for the club, but it will only gather stares at a breakfast party. Bold cosmetics can be worn individually to highlight one particular area of the face. You can even look up ideas before you get ready for the occasion to make sure you are dressed appropriately.

4. Respect Your Time

Respect Your Time
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Just because you are a polished lady, doesn’t mean you need to make time for everyone else and disregard your own priorities. If someone shows up at your door when you are not expecting them, don’t rush to change into good clothes. You can wear your pajamas and talk to them with your curlers on. It all depends on how comfortable you are with their company, and besides, pj’s can be cute!

5. Don’t Place Your Phone On The Table

Don't Place Your Phone On The Table
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When out at a restaurant or café, you should not place your phone across the table. Keeping your phone on the table will only distract you with messages and calls and make the person you are with feel neglected. It’s best to keep your phone in your purse, and your purse on the chair beside you to avoid any unwanted distractions.

6. Respond To Messages And Emails Properly

Respond To Messages And Emails Properly
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Advancement in society has necessitated the development of texting etiquette. There are two reasons why you shouldn’t respond immediately to texts. Firstly, you may need to explain to the other person that you are unable to respond immediately because of your own personal obligations. And secondly, this sends off a message that if the message was urgent, you should have received a call for it rather than a text.

7. Avoid Keeping Your Hands On Your Waist

Avoid Keeping Your Hands On Your Waist
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Women hardly strike a stance with their hands resting casually on their hips. Naturally, we all experience the frustrating reality that there is nowhere to place our hands. But in this scenario, holding your hands in alignment with your body is more appropriate as it conforms to the standards of decorum.

8. Appreciate Little Things But In Moderation

Appreciate Little Things But In Moderation
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It’s easy to assume that a well-raised woman should be gushing with thanks and praise at every opportunity. But words like “please” and “thank you” should be used sparingly. If not, their sincerity will be seen as mere flattery.

9. Dont Answer If Someone Doesn’t Call You By Your Name

Dont Answer If Someone Doesn’t Call You By Your Name
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When hearing “Hey!” in the street, a polite woman never turns around. The norms of etiquette forbid this profane call because it is an impression of a request from one stranger to another. The best way to begin a conversation of this nature is with a neutral greeting, such as “sorry” or “excuse me.”

Etiquettes and manners are what give you an edge in a gathering. The more you know them, the more polished you appear in society. So, which of these modern-day etiquettes do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section!

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