Relationship Arguments: 5 Things Every Couple Fights About And How To Avoid Them

by Shivani K

Let’s be honest, love life isn’t as rosy as it is portrayed in movies, especially, the Bollywood ones. It takes a lot of work for the relationship boat to keep sailing without being wrecked by the high tides. People who are in a relationship already know that it will not be all smooth, you’re deciding to become one with another person who has a different heart and mind about the things going on in this world. And if you’ve decided to move in, fights that revolved around what to order at a restaurant will turn into what to cook at home for your meals.

Fights are inevitable for couples. No matter how much you adjust, try to find a middle solution for the opposite opinions that the two of you hold, there will be times when fights are bound to happen. However, there’s this pattern of fights that every couple goes through and one can easily avoid them too. We’ve laid down that very pattern of some common fights that every couple goes through. What’s the bonus? Well, we’ll also talk about how to steer clear from them. Read on.

1. Money


Money is one of the most common causes of frustrating squabbles among couples. And there could be many aspects that are involved with respect to a fight that involves money or finances. Your partner might have a tiff over what you as a couple can spend on, versus which type of savings scheme you both need to invest in. Understand that both of you have been brought up in different backgrounds, you both have your own perspectives about how much a particular object should cost. It is very possible that you can end up fighting over buying something exclusively for yourselves too (“was that dress really necessary?”). Chances are that one of you naturally is a spender and the other is a natural saver. The best way to deal with this crisis is to chart out a financial budget for the month, for both personal expenses and for couple expenses as well and stick by it. It will avoid problems and fights regarding money.

2. Intimacy


Understand the difference between being together always and spending time with each other. You two can be living under the same roof for years, but how much intimate time you’ve spent together matters too. It’s natural not feel the need for intimacy if you have been together for quite a number of years now. This could be a problem you know, therefore, decide together how much of lovemaking time you’d like to give each other as a couple. Maybe reserve Saturdays for an outing with friends and Sundays for each other. A relationship can be boring if the spark fades off and this is where infidelity sprouts, save your relationship before it’s too late.

3. Spending “Me” Time


Often couples tend to make the mistake of giving all of their time to their partners. And when they realize that they are having an identity crisis, fights begin to happen. These fights can be very frustrating to your partner as he/she knows that it isn’t their fault. Therefore, always remember peeps that it’s a healthy practice to have your own world outside your relationship. Don’t you dare give up on those old friendships and your interests which kept you happy before love knocked at your door.

4. Handling Of Emotions


Everybody has emotions; there is a difference between the emotions they go through, and also how they portray them. While one person’s silence indicates that he is sad, another person’s silence is a sign that he is furious. In a relationship, it’s very crucial for you to identify and come to terms with your partner’s emotions.  If your partner and you have issues in recognizing each other’s emotions, why don’t you both find a midway? Come to terms that whenever either of is hurt or disturbed, they are going to be vocal about it. Handling emotions is very important for the good health of a relationship.

5. Hosting Family And Friends At Home


When you were living on your own, you could decide when to throw a house party. But when you’re now living with your partner, all the decisions regarding hosting a dinner for family or a Saturday party for friends, it all needs to be a mutual one. Chances are that both of you work on different time schedules and if you end up inviting your friends over at a time when your partner wants to catch up on some sleep, it’s going to create heat ripples and might lead to fights. Therefore, every organized event at home needs to get a nod by both of you. It’s a healthy way to handle the relationship and your house.

Fighting is an unavoidable part of a relationship and nobody likes fighting. What you need to work on is how to solve the fights skillfully. Fight, it’s a sign of a good relationship. But don’t overdo it such that it’s beginning to crack the relationship. How do you handle fights with your partner? Let us know in the comments below.

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