10 Everyday Habits That Are Secretly Ruining Your Skin

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All of us secretly pray that our skin gradually improves with age, perhaps like fine wine! While genes and food habits play a big role in how we age physically, it is intriguing to learn that our daily skincare habits have a much greater impact on the skin’s appearance as well. Here in this article, you’ll find out that avoiding these everyday habits that are damaging your skin is not as difficult as one would think. Read on to know them all!

1. Hair Products That Touch Your Skin

Hair Products That Touch Your Skin
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Your shampoo, moisturizer, and other styling chemicals may be to blame for acne, pimples, or other skin irritations on your scalp and face since they clog your pores and make it harder for oil to escape. You can avoid this by switching to products that don’t include sulfates for your hair. Additionally, the next time we use hair products, it is wise to wear a sweatband off your forehead and wrap a clean towel around your face for further defense.

2. Using Too Many Skin Products

Using Too Many Skin Products
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Although new preservatives and chemicals can contribute significantly to acne outbreaks and exacerbate your skin, switching between many skincare products can be difficult for your skin too. Even acne treatments might have unintended consequences if taken excessively. If you’re concerned about your skin’s health, it’s best to use no more than one or two products at a time and give them a chance to work.

3. Not Using Hair Removal Products Properly

Not Using Hair Removal Products Properly
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Acne outbreaks are typically brought on by improper removal of facial hair care or use of  comedogenic treatments, which have pore-clogging qualities. It means you’re just replacing one set of difficulties with another. Avoid products containing the most popular pore-clogging components, and stick to non-toxic cosmetics. Also, try to seek for non-comedogenic labeling to ensure proper facial hair removal and to prevent subsequent irritations on the face.

4. Moving To A New Place

Moving To A New Place
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When you visit a new place, you subject your skin to conditions that may be damaging to it. Acne can be triggered suddenly by environmental factors such as the sun’s influence, heat, cold, and humidity. Adapting to the new surroundings you’re entering is the greatest way to avoid any skin damage that may result from a shift in the environment.

5. Not Using A Good Makeup Remover

Not Using A Good Makeup Remover
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Toxic substances in your skin products may clog your pores and lead to acne outbreaks. Makeup removers can be just as irritating to the skin as the makeup they’re meant to remove. Again, the usage of non-comedogenic items would be the answer. Also, we recommend a thorough face wash while removing makeup to efficiently remove any traces of makeup, oil, & grime left on the face at the end of the day.

6. Eating Processed Food

Eating Processed Food
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Acne can be triggered by eating foods high in carbohydrates, such as cakes and burgers. Foods heavy in carbs have a direct effect on blood sugar levels, therefore they may cause skin irritation if they have a high glycemic index. Avoid the harmful effects of a high-carb diet on your skin by decreasing your snack intake and increasing your consumption of high-protein, and nutrient-dense foods like fruits and vegetables.

7. Sleeping On Your Stomach

Sleeping On Your Stomach
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While you sleep, if your face is rubbed against the fibers on your pillow, it may lead to breakouts and clogged pores because of the pillow’s inability to repel oil and dirt. Drooling during sleep, especially while resting on one side of the face, can block pores and induce the absorption of irritants that lead to breakouts of acne and other skin problems.

8. Rubbing Your Face A Lot

Rubbing Your Face A Lot
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Excessive scrubbing of the face with a washcloth can have a detrimental effect on the skin’s appearance. Avoid irritating your skin by washing your face with a washcloth, not more than three to four times a week.

9. Showering With Hot Water

Showering With Hot Water
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Hot water has been known to irritate and dry the skin, while cold water does not adequately eliminate all the unwanted accumulation on the face. Lukewarm water is ideal for washing the skin since it eliminates buildup while still allowing the skin’s natural oils to be preserved.

10. Not Washing Face In The Morning

Not Washing Face In The Morning
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A good night’s sleep may lead to a buildup of oil, filth, and germs. Also, as we sleep, our skin goes through a healing process that results in the production of oil and pollutants. This accumulation, if not removed thoroughly in the morning, can hasten the aging of our faces, directly add to the development of new wrinkles, and counteract the effects of skincare products like sunscreen.

Reading the list must have made you click on more than one of the unintentional bad habits we are guilty of following. Well, now that you know how they cause skin problems and how you can save yourself from them, nothing can keep you from having beautiful skin. So, what is your secret to beautiful skin? Let us know in the comments section!

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