9 Everyday Things With Features We Are Unaware Of

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It’s true we can’t comprehend the meaning of everything we see around us, but some things stare right at your face and make you wonder about their existence. For example, have you ever wondered why sneakers have extra holes in them? Or why there are brushes at the end of escalators? The list of questions increases the more you think about why things you use daily are designed the way they are. Here in this article, we will disclose the science behind some of these things. Read on to know them all.

1. Backpack With A “Pig Snout”

Backpack With A Pig Snout
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Many backpacks have a square patch with two slots made on it. It serves a functional purpose in addition to looking cute. The original intent was to allow string or rope to be threaded through it and then used to secure items like a lantern, a flask, etc., for outdoor enthusiasts. If you don’t plan on using your backpack for hiking, you can put your sneakers in the lash tab and take them to the gym.

2. The Small Hole On The Inward Surface Of Your Sink

The Small Hole On The Inward Surface Of Your Sink
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A standard bathroom sink will often have three openings: one for the water supply (the faucet), one for the drain, and one for the overflow. The overflow line from the sink leads directly to the sewer system. If the sink drain is not open, it directs water down into the drain. This gap ensures water does not overflow from the basin onto the ground. A sink overflow, however, serves more than just one function. It also helps water flow more smoothly. It increases the rate at which water drains by forcing air into the drain pipe. Slower drainage is a common problem with sinks that lack overflow holes.

3. Extra Holes On Your Sneakers

Extra Holes On Your Sneakers
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Every pair of sneakers has an extra set of eyelets for lacing, but only some people use them. The perforations in the soles protect your feet from sliding about inside, which can lead to blisters. Instead, feed your boot laces through the slots and secure them with a knot. This will allow for a more relaxed fit as you wear it.

4. Tape On Diapers

Tape On Diapers
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Diapers and disposable underwear frequently use special adhesive tape. It’s often seen on the product’s rear. However, it may also exist up front in rare cases. You can compress a soiled diaper into a small space with the help of this sticky tape. The dirty diaper should be rolled up from the rear when the opening is at the front. Then, start turning in front of the ribbon behind you. If you fold a diaper and then use tape to keep the edges together, you won’t have to worry about them coming undone.

5. Bicycle Seat With Cutaway

Bicycle Seat With Cutaway
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When riding a bike, the strain on your crotch can be alleviated with a saddle cutaway. Cyclists who spend long periods seated on their saddles choose this kind of seat.. Those who ride for shorter periods for enjoyment are not likely to notice the difference here between a cutaway chair and a standard harness.

6. Holes In A lollipop Stick

Holes In A lollipop Stick
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Have you ever looked closely at a lollipop stick and seen the little square holes? At a young age, most of us undoubtedly pondered their function and why they were there. These openings prevent the lollipop’s head from being detached from the stick. This helps the candy inside these holes to not fall out.

7. The Tiny Pocket On Your Jeans

The Tiny Pocket On Your Jeans
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The right front flap of these jeans has an extra tiny compartment. About 150 years old, the initial iteration of blue jeans had two front pockets and a third, smaller pocket designed to hold a pocket watch. Later, this pocket became the standard place to store small items like spare change, tickets, and lighters.

8. Hole On Spaghetti Spoons

Hole On Spaghetti Spoons
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Serving and stirring pasta with a spaghetti spoon is a breeze. The hole at the bottom helps to portion out exactly one cup of spaghetti. You can accurately measure the amount of pasta you need to cook with this spoon.

9. Designs On Pantyliners

Designs On Pantyliners
Image: Shutterstock

Various brands of pantyliners will have different designs on them. However, these designs serve a far more practical purpose than mere adornment. They make it more comfortable to wear, they also increase their flexibility and durability.

Everything has a purpose; even if you cannot figure it out right away, little research comes a long way. So, what is the thing you see everyday that you still need to figure out? Let us know in the comments section!

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