7 Exercises For A Flat Belly That You Can Do Even While Sitting On A Chair

Fighting flab is a battle worse than many battles. How much can one watch their weight when there is so much cake to eat! We have one life to live and only eight (or perhaps fewer) hours to sleep, isn’t it? On top of that, most of us have sky-high career ambitions to balance along with a motley of never-ending family responsibilities. The fact that most of us have desk jobs only makes it worse. Finding time for oneself amidst the cacophony of life is a tall task, and finding time for working out is almost not possible!

But, imagine if you could work out while sitting in your office chair and still manage to get the dream waist and washboard abs? Would you like to try these simple chair exercises that help you balance it all yet ensure that you don’t lose out on the workout? Read on to know more about the 7 chair exercises for a flat belly and a slim waist!

1. Warm Up

Before you begin an intense or even a light workout, it is best to do a round of warm-up exercises. These exercises are meant to release muscular tension and ensure that one prepares their body for a workout. This is what this workout looks like:

  • Sit at the edge of a chair, keep hands on the knees.
  • Slowly lean backwards keeping the back straight and contracting the tummy.
  • Your back can touch the back of the chair, but make you do not put any pressure on it.
  • Slowly, but steadily return to the starting position.
  • Repeat this exercise for 10 to 12 times.

2. Twists For The Obliques

This exercise is for strengthening one’s oblique muscles. Following is the method that must be followed:

  • Sit at the edge of the chair with an upright back.
  • Bend your arms and place them to support the back of your head.
  • Move your trunk to the left, keeping hips and legs straight.
  • Hold this position for about 3-5 seconds and then move your trunk to the right.
  • Repeat this exercise for about 10 times for best results.

3. Forward Bending Exercise


This is a great exercise for abs. Simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Keep your hands clasped and behind the head.
  • Lean slowly towards the front. Make sure you do not take support from your arms as you tilt.
  • Repeat this 15 times for best results.

4. Pull Your Knees Towards Your Chest


This exercise works wonders for the abdominal muscles, hip muscles as well as the obliques. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Sit in a comfortable position on the chair.
  • Bend the right leg and pull it towards your chest, keeping hands on the knees.
  • Hold this position for about 5 seconds.
  • Then go back to the starting position.
  • Repeat the above using the left leg.
  • Repeat 15 times for each leg.

5. Pulling Knees Towards The Chest And Then Straightening The Legs

This exercise is best to get washboard abs. But before you try this, make sure your chair is stable enough. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Lean back on the chair and keep both legs together.
  • Bring your knees to your chest as depicted in the above exercise.
  • Hold this position for 3 seconds.
  • Straighten your legs and then again bring your knees close to your chest.
  • Do 10-12 repetitions for best results.

6. Bent Knee Rotations

This exercise makes you get closer to your dream waist size!

  • Sit relaxed on the chair.
  • Bend your knees and pull them towards your chest.
  • Rotate your legs and not just your toes. You will feel a stretch in the abdominal muscles and the thigh muscles.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times.

7. Scissor Workout On the Chair

This would exercise the hip muscles. Follow these steps:

  • Lean back on the chair and hold the sides of the chair with both hands.
  • Raise your legs and stretch them towards the sides.
  • Now, cross one leg over the other.
  • Repeat this exercise 10-12 times for each leg.

The maddening traffic, long commutes to and from work, work pressure, deadlines, and the need to devote time to one’s family (despite all the madness) leaves us with hardly any time to work out. It is also difficult to drag oneself from the bed and head for a walk or to the gym in the morning. In fact, most often we end up snoozing our alarms, don’t we? And eating balanced meals every day, drinking a good amount of water, and sticking to one’s sleep schedules may not be enough, unfortunately.

Working out, however, works as a catalyst for achieving good health and we must exercise regardless of our maddening routine. But now that you know of these 7 exercises that can be done without leaving your office desk, I am sure you will give them an honest chance, won’t you?
Stay fit!

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